Here’s the truth: we all know that sharp design and evocative imagery are the first things to catch your eye when landing on a new website or seeing an ad for the first time. You might think the words on your page take a backseat to great aesthetics, but a brilliant design isn’t worth much when few people see it. Or if when they do, they don’t get the information they need from it. Strategic, well-crafted copy is not only essential to effective design, it helps drive more users to your website with a discreet SEO treasury and expertly guides them through the buying process. G5’s professional creative content writers bring a wealth of industry expertise, evolved skill, and a keen eye for messaging to your business’ website, branding, and marketing collateral.


So before we let professionally written copy go the way of the dinosaur and the pet rock, and before you decide that DIY website copy can’t be too complicated, here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when sourcing copy for your business:

Copy and Design: Your brand’s dream team

Your customer is coming to you with questions that design alone cannot answer. You need clear, easy to follow information to show them that your business is the solution to their need. Whether you’re offering reliable storage units, charming apartments, or a caring and professional community for seniors, you need a clear brand message and consistent storytelling to market with confidence.

Effective marketing doesn’t start with a fine-tuned design. It starts with a clear brand message. Whether you’re coming to G5 with a fully fleshed brand book or just an idea and a penchant for teal, our copywriters work with strategy teams to embrace, define, or evolve your brand and turn it into a compelling brand message. This messaging is infused throughout your website, content marketing, and collateral to deliver consistent, relevant information to your customers.  

Copywriters keep you up-to-date

Did you know that 81% of all purchase decisions start with an online search? That means your copy needs to stay up-to-date with SEO best practices for web content. Although Google uses 200+ factors to determine website quality, the most important aspect to consider with your content is that it answers the user’s query. That means your copy needs to be relevant and convey why your product or service is beneficial to the user.

For example, if you own or market on behalf of a multifamily apartment community, G5’s professional copywriters know how to craft content which will drive users to the right page based on their query.

Common search queries include:

  • two bedroom apartments in City, ST
  • City, ST, pet-friendly apartments
  • affordable apartments in City

In order to answer your prospects’ questions and guide them through the buying process, your copy should be strategically written so that people wondering about pets will arrive on your Pet Policy page, those who need to know how many bedrooms you offer will arrive on your Floor Plans page, and so on. The more thorough and informative your answers, the more valuable your content is to the user, thus the better it will rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

We know the market

With so much saturation in the marketplace, you want your copy to stand out from the crowd. And with professional copywriting services from G5, you will. We know self storage, senior living, and multifamily apartment communities better than anyone, which means we know what’s been done and what you need to do to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Our team has the know-how to turn features into benefits and speak persuasively to your target audience. 

We save you time

You already have a full-time job—do you really have time to write copy for your website, blog, social media, marketing collateral, and brand guidelines? We’re not just talking about putting words on a page, that’s the easy part. Writing strategic, quality content is a skill all its own. G5 copywriters are experienced, highly skilled creative professionals who know how to craft copy which honors your brand, understands your market, and reaches your customer.

A copywriter helps you communicate big ideas

Have you ever looked at an organization’s marketing and thought, “who are they selling to?” Sometimes in the haste to include all relevant information, the benefit to the customer can get lost in jargon-heavy content and convoluted messaging. It’s easy to get caught up in what you want the user to know, rather than what the user needs to know, and end up marketing to yourself instead of the customer. We get it—you’re excited! And you want your customers to be excited too. But sometimes those big ideas just don’t translate without the help of a professional copywriter.

In addition to correcting grammar and spelling errors, a professional copywriter also cleans up and clears out the jargon in order to connect with your users, not just your team. When writing for a broad audience, copy needs to be easy to read and even easier to digest. This means clear and concise messaging, attractive language, and intuitive organization—the impetus of any astute copywriter.

Still not sure?

That’s ok. We don’t recommend that you believe everything you read online either. If you’re not sure how professional copywriting can help your business, we want to talk to you. We’ve helped our customers optimize their content to drive more qualified leads to their properties, and we want to do the same for you.

Contact G5 Creative Services for more information. We’re here to help you get ahead and stay ahead.