The ethos of modern marketing has changed. Consumers expect to be served and assisted by brands, but they’re also doing a lot of the leg work themselves. Over the last two years, searches for reviews on mobile devices have grown by more than 35 percent, and videos with “review” in the title had more than 50,000 years worth of watch time. Shoppers are smarter now, they need you to provide new and targeted information that can’t just be found on a quick Yelp, Facebook, or YouTube search.

A few years ago, Google introduced the idea of micro-moments – the intentional and quick journey customers take to learn, discover, watch, or do something at any moment in time. This has led to an empowered, savvy, and fast-moving consumer force with high expectations for relevant, immediate, and hyper-personalized information. Google is calling the current journey “the age of assistance”, and it is considered the new battleground for growth.

Tactics for Attracting Renters

How do you attract renters in the age of assistance? You need to show up, wise up, and speed up. Customers expect assistance everywhere – if you’re not there, another company will be.

  • Show Up: Keep in mind that your brand is not the center of your renter’s world. In an age of digital bombardment and “content shock”, consumers are only paying attention to hyper-personalized, timely, and relevant information. This means that your nanoseconds of stage time must capture their attention and make an actionable impact on the viewer.
  • Wise Up: First off, you need to start accessing the vast amounts of data that are available to you via your website, digital advertising, and social media platforms. Data insights will tell you exactly which messages work to specific groups and which actions are taken after interacting with your company online.
  • Speed Up: It’s safe to say that consumers are impatient with today’s marketing, advertising, and promotional activity. Given this impatience, and the amount of time spent on mobile phones, one of the most important things you can do is improve your customer’s mobile experience. 53 percent of online visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. Beat the curve and speed up your site.

By understanding how and when your audience moves through the early stages of the customer journey, you can accurately tailor messages to their needs. A hyper-personalized digital experience is what your customers want and expect. Giving them this will serve their need for relevance and immediacy, as well as add lifetime value to your company’s online presence.

Emerging Consumer Behaviors & Key Responses

Understanding consumer behavior is essential to marketing success. Here are three emerging behaviors you should know about:

Consumers are curious. If you’ve found yourself in an extensive research-bubble – whether it’s going to dinner in a new town or deciding to buy into a product –, you’re not alone. Information is easier to access and because of that, we want to know everything about anything.

Today’s consumers are demanding. With high-tech products and services available around every corner, they expect their needs to be personally met at this very moment. They  also expect these experiences to be tailored to them without having to re-introduce themselves each time.

Finally, consumers are impatient. In each micro-moment, they are looking to act now and get now. This means their mobile experience, a.k.a. the most frequently used mode of search, should be fast and frictionless.

Optimize Assistance with the Right Data

Each of these behaviors can be used to better understand your audience and prospective leads. Coupling up-to-date data insights with digital advertising helps you act when the time is right, which is imperative in the age of assistance. In order to reach your prospects at just the right time, you need the right partner, and the right platforms. G5 can help. Our AI-empowered Intelligent Marketing Cloud outperforms other real estate marketing platforms by 2.5 times.

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