Multifamily industry wisdom places peak moving season in the United States between May and September—specifically, though unofficially, between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Families are relocating, students are scrambling for housing, and millennials are onto the next adventure. While it might seem logical that this is the easiest season to fill your units, a hands-off digital marketing strategy during this peak period would be disastrous. Keeping your digital presence strong is vital in the warmer months as it helps you retain the tenants you have, and attract the prospective renters you want.

Mix It Up

You know that most, if not all, of your would-be renters are searching the internet. You know your web presence and website are your strongest tools for filling your units with happy tenants. So how do you maximize your digital impact, make that digital hay, as it were, while the sun shines on moving season? Have a multi-tiered strategy, to start. The data says that searchers typically visit 20 online sources before they make a move. You want to be prominent among them. How does that work? Establish your community with a digital marketing strategy that includes social media, display ads, and efficient SEO.

Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Repeat.

Prospective tenants are literally asking for you. Especially in dense markets, Twitter is likely to be chock full of Tweets asking about apartment availability from May to September. Get to know Twitter Advanced Search. Use it to narrow your search to Tweets specific to your area, and respond accordingly with a link to your website.

Make it easy for renters to get interested with high quality images. Along with updating the photo gallery in your site, post attractive pictures of your units and community to Instagram. Facebook remains a great connecting point for you, your current tenants, and your future tenants. Facebook is also ideal for expanding your digital influence to the greater community. You can affiliate your property and company with local events, social happenings, and the culture of your locality. Whether you actually sponsor a local festival or simply attend it, post pictures and offer up some community enthusiasm. Remember to use the event hashtag when you Tweet about the parade or chili cook off.

Spring Clean Your Website

Get ready for peak moving season by sprucing up your website. Haven’t blogged in awhile? Or ever? It’s a fact, blogging boosts traffic and interest. Offer regular and useful content regarding household organization, budgeting tips, neighborhood services and attractions, or anything that would be of interest to your renters. Another fine addition to your site is a neighborhood guide with suggestions for local eating, drinking, and playing. We’ve already talked about updating your photos. You can consider re-evaluating your list of specials, too.

Get Professional Help

As you can see, there are many things you can do on your own to leverage moving season with a revitalized digital marketing strategy. If you want to go deep with your digital engagement, partnering with marketing pros can go a long way to securing more quality rentals. Strategic and ongoing multi-tiered campaigns, professionally organized and administered, can amplify your digital presence across multiple platforms at the moment when it is most effective.

For more information on boosting your conversion rate with digital marketing this moving season, contact G5, a Premier Google Partner and Bing Ads Select SMB Partner.