The digital landscape has reshaped self storage consumer behavior. Marketers must reach a confident, capable, and connected force that is directly plugged into a world where they can get anything and everything on-demand. Today’s self storage customer moves quickly, and expects you to meet them with accurate facility information. One way to meet customer demand is with one of the latest tools of the trade: real-time pricing and availability updates.

This product improves digital advertising efficiency by turning ads on and off based on real-time availability and unit pricing from your inventory data feeds. These smarter ads, paired with relevant ad copy, aid prospects in self-qualifying during their research process. Real-time updates inform campaigns, allowing you to optimize campaigns and budgets based on available and vacant units.

Improve Sales Cycle Efficiency and Performance

Self storage customers move quickly through the research and buying process. One month before a move, 55 percent have begun to research facilities, and on the day of the move, 11 percent have not yet leased. Make the most of this quick process by highlighting which units are available and including accurate rental prices online and in ads. Efficient campaigns work towards better qualified leads and a sales cycle that meets the demands of your digitally empowered customers.

Make it Work for Your Facility: Highlight Unique Storage Solutions

Unless your area has very little self storage vacancy, you probably won’t see size-qualifying keywords in customer searches. It’s not common for searches to include “small”, “medium”, or “large” storage units. However, customers do get specific when looking for unique storage solutions, such as RV and boat parking. Use real-time availability updates to highlight the services and solutions you offer that aren’t found at the facility down the street.

Real-Time Updates: An On/Off Switch for Digital Advertising

With digital campaigns based on real-time availability and price ranges, you only pay to advertise exactly which units you need to fill. This highly accurate method of campaign targeting works for both you and your customer. They know that you have what they need before clicking on an ad, you drive pre-qualified leads straight to your website or leasing team. Once a unit type or parking option is full, ads are automatically disabled and a new ad is turned on for the current vacancy. This is a drastic improvement from the manual process it was before.

Find the Right Digital Advertising Partner

Self storage is both a quick decision and short-term solution for many renters. Digital advertising can target the short-buying cycles that self storage works around. G5’s innovative Digital Advertising platform gives you control over the entire customer journey and delivers high quality leads directly to your sales team.

We couple real-time pricing and availability updates with a suite of digital advertising tools that take the guesswork out of marketing campaigns by determining which campaigns drive your best leads. We utilize innovative, AI-backed technologies, including real-time pricing and availability for digital advertising, to amplify your impact.

Accurate updates to your digital advertising campaigns will increase your overall sales efficiency. Another way to increase efficiency? A more aligned sales and marketing team partnership and knowing how to attract leads that will maximize revenue. Download G5’s Impact of Bad Leads eBook to learn more about the importance of quality lead generation.