Marketing always seems to be the first expense trimmed back when multifamily markets soften, when in reality it should be turned up or down, not on and off. In order to grow your business, it’s essential to understand how to scale your marketing dollars so you don’t feel the impact of shifting markets. One of the biggest challenges facing multifamily marketers is how to properly attribute revenue across campaigns. Scaling your marketing starts with making your efforts more efficient by investing in technology and partnership.

Use Technology to Make Your Marketing More Efficient

Investing in new technologies that automate once-manual processes helps multifamily marketers attract the right prospects with the right message at the right time. Renters consult more than 20 digital touchpoints before making a purchase decision. Advanced marketing technologies help marketers become more efficient by mapping the buyer’s journey and correctly attributing leads. Marketing technologies powered by automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning help scale your marketing efforts by identifying and implementing the most effective, data-driven campaigns.

Advanced marketing technologies determine the best action based on the information available, resulting in the elimination of human error, more efficient spending, and margin expansion.

The Right Partnership

Finding the right digital marketing partner helps your multifamily business scale marketing efforts for increased efficiency. G5 partners with businesses to deliver high-quality conversions with solutions tailored to meet your needs while ensuring your questions are answered through our deep analytics. An integrated marketing partner like G5 can help your business implement various advanced technologies to scale your marketing efforts.

Website Implementation 

Partnering with G5 keeps all of your marketing efforts under one roof. Start by having G5 implement your website. Your website helps convert qualified traffic, which makes it essential to your digital marketing strategy. Your website should showcase your brand, answer prospect questions, and get found and understood by search engines. We take pride in being able to seamlessly integrate pricing and availability data directly to your website.

Digital Advertising Campaigns 

Digital advertising, including pay-per-click, display, remarketing, and social advertising, helps drive qualified traffic to your website. We take advantage of automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to make your digital advertising campaigns as effective as possible. Lead Insights assists us in attributing your traffic and discovering what keywords prompted someone to place a call from your website. By understanding this data, you can do more of what works. With artificial intelligence, we can show you which leads are most likely to lease, so your sales team can prioritize those calls and maximize revenue potential.

Account Managers and the SEO Team Keep Up with Google Trends 

Google updates its algorithm regularly and without warning. It can be difficult for marketers to keep up with the latest algorithm changes and Google trends while also focusing on their daily operations. Partnering with G5 gives you access to a personal account manager and a team of SEO professionals that stay up to date with changes and trends so you don’t have to. The SEO team actively implements and monitors website SEO, so our clients’ websites perform at the highest level. 

Partner with G5 to Scale Your Multifamily Marketing Efforts

G5 makes it easy to scale your multifamily marketing efforts for increased efficiency and accurate attribution. Partner with G5 and take advantage of advanced marketing technologies that integrate automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to eliminate human error, increase your margins, and make your spending more efficient. G5 takes the stress off your marketing team by keeping pace with new ways to scale multifamily digital marketing efforts.

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