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In our paw-fessional opinion, nothing spells home like a D.O.G. According to The American Pet Products Association (APPA), 68% of all U.S. households own a pet. That equates to 89 million dogs and 94 million cats! With furry residents on the rise, pet owners have a big impact on apartment rental marketing.

While a pet-friendly status alone used to be a competitive edge, it is now expected of most communities. So, to stand out to pet owners, it’s important to not only market the fact that you are pet-friendly, but also share your enthusiasm for the four-legged companions in our lives. 

To get started, assess each of your marketing channels and determine how pet-friendly messaging can be incorporated. With a full-funnel approach, you will be filling your apartments with new residents and their fluffy friends in no time.

Social Media

According to Newswip.com, businesses that use photos of pets in social content see an increase of 295% in overall engagement with an 89% increase in comments and a 15% increase in likes. A great way to engage with pet lovers on your property’s social media is to run a contest that encourages residents to post pictures of their furry friends and tag the property for a chance to win prizes. 

Is there a holiday coming up? Encourage residents to dress their pets to be entered in a themed contest. This will attract potential residents and show how pet-friendly your community is. Then, by resharing the winning content to your community’s social media pages, your residents will feel the love. 

Reputation Management

Highlight reviews about how pet-friendly your community is. Pet owners are more likely to look through your current reviews to see if there are any mentions of pet-friendly amenities. A quick tip — as you know in multifamily marketing, location is everything. So, place a review reminder at the dog park and supply free doggie waste bags. 

Apartment SEO

The keyword “pet-friendly apartment” has 12,100 Google searches per month and “pet-friendly apartments near me” has increased to 14,800 searches per month. Woof. That’s a lot. When potential residents are looking for a new home, one of their first priorities is making sure their pets are welcome.

Therefore, leave no room for doubt in a prospect’s mind. Below are a few pet-friendly SEO tips. 

  • Include a healthy amount of pet-friendly keywords in your website copy. 
  • Be sure to include photos of animals on your website and include relevant keywords in the alt descriptions (the description that helps screen readers/assistive devices know what an image shows on your website). 
  • Consider adding a page to your website that is devoted to your pet policies, amenities, and other pet-related perks. 

Bottom line: With effective search engine optimization, your property will be more visible when users are searching for pet-friendly communities in their area.

Content Marketing

Apartment community blogs serve as a stage where marketers can communicate the information they find relevant. When it comes to highlighting pet-friendly living, a blog is a perfect location to not only mention the pet status, but celebrate life with pets. Popular topics include pet-friendly plants for the home, recipes for homemade dog treats, and unique ways to exercise with your pet. You can also feature pets that live within your community and showcase adorable photos along with an entertaining pet bio. A blog will also serve as a boost for your SEO efforts when it includes relevant pet-friendly keywords.

Won’t Go Without Fido

Here’s the deal, Fido is a part of the family, and like any other family member your renters want to be assured that they’ll be welcomed, too. Learn more about the G5 + LL approach to digital advertising and schedule a demo.