Knowing where your money is going and how it’s being managed is one of the biggest struggles for marketers. When working with an integrated marketing partner, you want to be able to see exactly what your money is being spent on, in what channels, and which campaigns generate the highest quality leads. Attribution and transparent reporting help you understand your ad spend, what’s working, and what’s not working. Teaming up with a partner like G5 helps you identify which campaigns and keywords are converting thanks to transparent reporting and Lead Insights. 

See How Your Money is Managed and Where It’s Going

When you choose to work with G5, you gain access to a dashboard that brings all of your digital marketing data into one centralized location. Using this dashboard allows you to see exactly where all of your marketing dollars are going. Accessing it helps you understand what’s happening in a specific area, helping you relate this data into your larger marketing strategy.

Transparent reporting with G5 Analytics helps inform your digital advertising spend and optimization with:

  • Campaign attribution and spend
  • Keyword attribution and spend
  • Source and medium attribution

Once you know what’s working, you can continue to feed the machine to make your self storage facilities even more successful.

Lead Insights — What Campaigns Are Working

Using the G5 reporting dashboard within the G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud, marketers gain insight into who is filling out forms and who is calling. Taking advantage of Lead Insights digs deeper into your reporting data by identifying which campaigns, even which keywords prompted someone to call. This kind of lead attribution and ad spend data helps you find out which campaigns are working and where you should dedicate more of your marketing dollars. 

When digital advertising is done right, you can uncover a wealth of data through Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. Our team gathers and employs these insights continuously — A/B testing audiences, keywords, and content, to shape the highest performing strategy for your business needs and goals. 

Understand Your Ad Spend with Transparent Reporting

The G5 Analytics dashboard helps you understand your company’s ad spend through transparent reporting. Transparent reporting shows you exactly where your money is spent and what’s working — no deep digging in Google Analytics required. Our dashboard helps you discover what campaigns and keywords are working and what’s not. This understanding of where your money is going allows you to market in the right channels, with the right spend to attract the right audience. 

Learn more about transparent reporting and lead attribution for self storage by scheduling a demo of G5 Analytics today.