G5 and Knock have teamed up to create a step-by-step guide that teaches you how to minimize potential exposure by ramping up your lead-to-lease velocity. First we walk you through best practices for generating qualified leads, then we teach you how to close those leads, fast. Nerd out with the pros and discover the techniques needed to increase your NRI.

eBook Overview

Wondering what to expect when you download our ebook, Lead-to-Lease Velocity: Your Guide to Reducing Exposure? Here are the highlights.

Chapter 1 – The True Cost of Exposure

Multifamily marketing is evolving and decision makers are shifting their focus to meaningful metrics like exposure to inform their demand generation strategies. By generating better quality leads and mastering first-touch communication, you mitigate the risks of exposure and reduce vacancy loss.

Chapter 2 – 3 Tips for Better Quality Leads

Generating better quality leads is the first step towards reducing exposure. By optimizing your organic search presence, implementing Smart Digital Advertising, and designing a user experience that converts, you ensure that only the most qualified leads enter your pipeline.  Emphasizing the ability to self-schedule tours is especially important as it allows your sales team to spend more time focusing on developing relationships and having meaningful interactions with your prospect.

Chapter 3 – Mastering First-Touch Communication

With poor customer experiences costing US companies nearly $100 billion annually, multifamily sales teams need to focus on mastering first-touch communication to convert the most leads into leases. To do so, you must meet the evolving expectations of your. That means automating contact rates and qualifying and prioritizing leads.  

Chapter 4 – Analyze & Pivot

Increasing lead-to-lease velocity is not a one-and-done. You need to continually tweak and test your processes if you want constant improvement. These are the six fundamental metrics you need to watch:

  1. Unit-Level Exposure
  2. Total Ad Spend
  3. ILS and Conversion Rate
  4. Response Times
  5. Average Number of Follow-Ups
  6. Engagement Score Percentages

Chapter 5 – Accelerate Leasing to Minimize Exposure

Exposure can be costly, but with the right marketing and engagement framework, it’s a worry you never need to have. Successful demand generation strategies match qualified prospects with available inventory in a way that doesn’t require you to reduce rents or offer concessions. Pair this with the insights and automation capabilities of your CRM for better leads that quickly move from prospect to resident.  

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