The digital world has drastically changed how consumers interact with brands and how marketers need to respond. The role of the consumer is more powerful than ever, and companies are shifting from a business-centric to customer-centric approach. It is no longer enough to incorporate customer experience methods as part of your marketing strategy. Customers are now in control, and expect real-time personalization and interaction with a brand.

Shifting Priorities

This shift in control informs brands that customer experience is a powerful growth driver and calls for marketing strategies that respond to the needs of a tech-savvy consumer base. According to a recent report by, 68% of marketing leaders say their company is increasingly competing on the basis of customer experience.

Today’s customers are more loyal to the experience or result of a product or service, rather than a specific brand. This inconsistency gives marketers an opportunity to earn customer loyalty by engaging them in authentic, efficient ways. Marketers are called to respond to this challenge by utilizing insights to identify their ideal customer profile and using this data to create hyper-personalized customer experiences. As a result, marketing initiatives must incorporate new marketing technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), in order to best respond to consumers in the digital age.

AI for Marketers

The newest marketing technologies leverage AI to predict how a customer will interact with a brand, and deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences. According to, 61% of marketers agree that AI helps them hyper-personalize their campaigns, and 59% believe that AI increases their productivity.

In order to address the hyper-personalized interactions that consumers have grown to expect, marketers need to utilize massive amounts of data located across all marketing sources. With large quantities of data available but siloed in different channels, marketers have a unique challenge to process and interpret this information. However, with an AI-powered platform like G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud, this information can be translated to better understand customer behavior, deliver 1:1 personalization, and predict customer journeys.

Partnering with G5 to Achieve Insights and Results

As proven leaders in real estate marketing optimization, G5 uses new artificial technologies to optimize the marketing experience and campaign management in real time to achieve the highest ROI while delivering results at the lowest cost. Ready to enjoy the new world of capabilities AI provides marketers? Contact G5 today to get started.