As a Premier Google Partner, G5’s Digital Advertising Team stays apprised of changes and updates to Google’s Best Practices. Recently, Google led an in-person optimization Hack-A-Thon at G5 to review how Google’s recent updates to best practices effect G5’s clients and to learn how to directly apply these changes to further optimize campaigns. Using Google’s unique recommendation engine, shared only with select Partners, G5 is able to gain targeted insight into specific campaign optimizations surfaced for our clients on a continual basis.

The engine analyzes targeted data points and outcomes while combing through all active campaigns in AdWords to generate recommended changes at the campaign and ad group level based on performance triggers. This ensures that all of G5’s clients are maximizing their PPC budgets and getting the most out of their marketing dollars.

Benefits of Being a Premier Google Partner

The Hack-A-Thon is just one example of the personalized and in-person trainings G5 has earned as a designated Premier Google Partner. Our partnership ensures G5 remains privy to updates to Google’s best practices before they happen so we may proactively leverage these updates and better optimize our clients’ campaigns. This allows G5 to remain industry experts and establish a better marketing partnership with our clients.

An integral part of staying ahead of the Digital Marketing curve is to continually run A/B tests and innovate new ways to generate relevant clicks and drive qualified leads to our clients’ websites. The Hack-A-Thon served as an excellent forum for the G5 Digital Advertising team to collaborate and brainstorm new ideas for testing, best strategies for implementing these tests, and how to analyze and interpret the data these tests would provide.

Beta Testing for G5 Clients

Another benefit of our position as a Premier Google Partner is that G5 has opportunities to evaluate early release beta features before they’re released to the general public. This allows us to assess the viability of these betas and determine if they are relevant to our verticals. That means we can provide our clients with the ability to implement strategies and gather cutting edge data before the competition. G5 also receives specialized support and attention from a dedicated Google Strategic Partner Manager, dedicated Account Manager, and the Google Sales Enablement Team.

Continued Performance

G5’s Digital Advertising team was able to successfully apply the optimizations made by our Google Team and the recommendation engine to improve performance for our clients’ campaigns in a personalized manner. As a reward for the team’s success, one member of the G5 Digital Advertising team will be sent on a two-day trip to Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California, to attend the “America’s Next Top AdWords Champion” Summit. While there, the G5 team member will glean a vast amount of useful information, knowledge, and best practices that can be brought back and shared with the team and implemented into G5’s Digital Advertising strategies moving forward.

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