Self storage facilities that offer 24-hour leasing solutions have lower overhead costs and enjoy higher revenue than those who don’t. For years, self storage facilities have focused on having people onsite to conduct tours and talk to prospective renters. While this can be great for developing relationships, it can also result in a lot of wasted time. Online leasing systems like G5 Uber LeasingⓇ and onsite rental kiosks make it possible for customers to rent a unit or parking space any time of the day or night. These all-day leasing options help increase efficiencies and decrease human interaction onsite – which means more money in your pocket.

Online Leasing on Your Website

There are three things self storage searchers want to know when they visit your website: 

  1. Do you have the unit size I am interested in?
  2. Is it in my price range?
  3. Can I lease it online?

By offering customers online leasing, you make it simple for them to search, find, and buy. G5’s Uber LeasingⓇ helps keep your team and your customers on the same page by showing real-time pricing and inventory on your website while automatically updating your PMS.

With Uber LeasingⓇ, you can also offer insurance directly from your backend system. Display move-in dates –  with or without weekends – and avoid missing prospects at your door. Uber LeasingⓇ also invites your customers to sign up for auto-pay, meaning you get paid on time, all the time. And with paperless billing, you lower your overhead costs even further.

Onsite Rental Kiosks

Outfitting your self storage facility with 24-hour rental kiosks is another option to help automate operations for walk-in customers after hours and during peak busy hours. These kiosks can rent units and collect payments, as well as dispense locks, sell insurance, and confirm identity in some circumstances. This automation cuts costs by decreasing your reliance on staff and allowing you to rent units after hours. Instead of giving tours, answering phone calls, and preparing paperwork, your staff can focus on operational efficiencies within the facility and let the kiosks do the bulk of the heavy lifting when it comes to leasing.

Rental kiosks were designed to integrate with your back-office system and property management software. This enables customers to rent units from real-time inventory and pay immediately. Self storage facilities using this technology typically install kiosks at the welcome center or outside of the facility for 24-hour access, even when the office is closed. Rental kiosks give self storage facilities a competitive advantage by decreasing overhead and providing a 24-hour leasing option that customers find most convenient.

Take Advantage of 24-Hour Leasing Options

Self storage facilities all over the country have started adopting online leasing and 24-hour rental kiosks to increase operational efficiencies and revenue. If your storage facility takes advantage of either or both of these 24-hour leasing options, you can rent units all day, not just during office hours. Less human interaction through online leasing and rental kiosks results in lower overhead costs in staffing. Your staff won’t have to focus on conducting tours or returning phone calls. 24-hour leasing options increase efficiency by allowing customers to convert anytime with three simple clicks. 

Schedule a demo of G5 Uber LeasingⓇ and learn more about how you can lower overhead costs by adding an online leasing option to your website.