This fall, get ahead of the game with a seasonal marketing plan. Self storage seasonality can be both predictable and contrasting. Identifying these quarterly changes ahead of time will help you make the most of high and low seasons. First, let’s review how search and paid advertising change throughout the year. Next, we’ll take a look at seasonal operational and marketing tactics that will keep you competitive and stabilized year-round.

PPC Market Patterns

The number of searches for self storage continue to increase year-over-year. Mobile devices accounted for 52 percent of all searches and the number of online self storage queries have consistently peaked in July.  Advertising clicks are up 16 percent YOY and more users are clicking on paid ads. 70 percent of all clicks come from mobile, compared to 24 percent from desktop, and six percent on tablet.

Winter: Upkeep and Cleaning

The beginning of the year is the lowest season for self storage. It’s important to remember that, even though new business is slow, you still need to make sure current and potential customers can always access your property and units. Each winter, tour the facility and identify maintenance issues and necessary upgrades.

Spring: High-Lease Season

The high-lease season brings in new business, local competition, and opportunities to charge premium rates. The beginning of spring is a great time to survey your competition and determine your revenue management strategy. What are other self storage facilities charging in your area? Do you have vacant storage options that others do not? What amenities and services do you offer that set your facility apart? Highlight the differentiating factors that set you apart.

Summer: Short-Term Rentals in High Demand

Summer brings two new opportunities: high demand for climate-controlled storage and filling newly vacant units. If you have climate-controlled units, be sure to advertise them on your website and through digital advertising.

Plan accordingly for vacant units by reaching out to local schools and businesses who may need seasonal storage. Filling vacant units with seasonal (fall through spring) renters gives you plenty of options to rent in the high season.

Fall and Holidays: Long-Term Rentals, Parking, and Climate-Control

As we head into the slowest time of year for self storage, consider what services you can provide renters in the fall and winter. The good news is that most renters who sign a lease in the fall will need storage until at least the following summer. What services could these long-term renters need? Parking spaces, especially RV and boat storage, and climate-controlled units to safeguard their belongings from extreme weather.

Seasonal Marketing Changes and Improvements with G5

It’s hard enough to manage the day-to-day operations of a self storage property, let alone predict seasonality changes and how they affect your marketing and promotions. G5 is the leader in real estate marketing and can help you attract both short and long-term renters, year-round. We offer a range of innovative solutions for self storage properties, including real-time pricing and availability for digital advertising.

To learn more about the future of marketing and why seasonality matters, download the G5 Self Storage State of the Industry report.