According to Google, “over 60 percent of people expect brands to provide consumers with information they need when they need it.” This means that companies need to be immediately available. Overcome this high expectation from the get-go with refined advertising that mirrors your property needs and self qualifies leads. Dynamic advertising is mutually beneficial. You improve occupancy; your audience experiences a streamlined lease-up process from the first search. There are two tools to use in dynamic advertising: real-time pricing and availability updates and Google’s Responsive Search Ad platform.

Step One: Real-Time Pricing and Availability

Before incorporating real-time pricing and availability into your digital advertising campaigns, you first need to provide this information on your website. Information from your inventory data feeds are automatically linked to your website, and give searchers and site visitors accurate information so that they can self-qualify from the beginning. Utilizing this tool in advertising allows this process to start before they even click on your ad or website link.

These ads are populated with real-time pricing and availability data and turned on or off based on vacancy. This allows you to specify your exact leasing needs, based on price point and unit size or type. You only pay to advertise your highest priorities and available units, which will attract more qualified leads. Once a unit type is full, ads are automatically disabled and a new ad is turned on for the current vacancy need.

Step Two: Google’s Responsive Search Ads

Next, utilize Google’s Responsive Search Ads, which do exactly as their name suggests — adapt headlines and descriptions over time in response to how consumers react to them. Traditional search ads use only one static headline and description; these new ads work with up to 15 different headlines and up to four different descriptions. Google arranges different combinations of headlines and descriptions and learns which combinations perform best according to search query, device use, and past browsing behavior.

Introducing G5’s Dynamic Ads

G5 now offers a dynamic digital advertising platform that pulls in real-time data to improve your marketing efficiency and decrease the number of days a unit is vacant. Our dynamic product helps leads self-qualify based on price point, unit type, and amenities. G5 Dynamic Ads spins up campaigns by forecasting what inventory will become availability, allowing you to mirror future property needs within a certain time frame (i.e. three months). It then optimizes your marketing budget by turning ads on and off based on your actual supply.

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