With a mobile device in hand, consumers have the world at their fingertips and expect that the answers they need are available right here, right now. Thanks to their ease-of-use, mobile devices are now dominating the digital experience. More than half of all searches are done on mobile devices, 60 percent of all clicks occur on mobile (compared to 31 percent on desktop and 10 percent on tablets), and more than 70 percent of all digital time is spent on mobile. Mobile devices offer more than just a way to stay connected, snap photos, and browse the web – they are increasingly used as a productivity tool and are reshaping how customers interact with brands, get information, and make buying decisions.

Micro-Moments: Influencing the Customer Journey in Short Bursts

Micro-moments is a Google-coined term that puts a name to the intent-driven moments that occur throughout the customer journey that influence decisions and define preferences. People are empowered by mobile everyday. Mobile quickly delivers results when they’re impatient, provides inspiration at their fingertips when they’re curious, and gives them a personalized experience when they’re demanding one. Mobile devices are the first place people turn when they need something.

Making the Most of Idle Time: Mobile Devices Used to Increase Productivity and Accomplishment

According to Google, 75 percent of people say their smartphones increase their productivity. The main reason for this is how smartphones are used in idle moments. Rather than passing time flipping through a magazine or daydreaming, smartphone users are tackling their to-do list, responding to work email, and, in a sense, running errands online.

Think of how you feel when you’ve had a particularly productive day. Productivity gives you a boost, doesn’t it? It feels good to have accomplished more than you expected. It’s been reported to lower the stress and/or anxiety levels of 54 percent of smartphone users. Along with this feel-good boost, increased productivity can also help people feel more confident and prepared to tackle daily activities.

Understanding User Experience on Mobile Devices

Because mobile is a uniquely positioned productivity tool, it’s important to consider how your brand is creating mobile experiences that cater to people’s desire for efficiency. A seamless mobile experience goes a long way in tapping into that desire and building a stronger relationship. We found that 79 percent say they’re more likely to revisit and/or share a mobile site if it is easy to use.

Invest in Mobile SERP Real Estate

If you’ve been waiting to invest in digital advertising, the time to start is now, and to make sure that your digital advertising strategy begins with, and focuses on, mobile devices. Paid ads take up 100 percent of mobile screen real estate above the fold. If you want to be seen, only PPC advertising can put your brand name and content in front of potential residents at every stage of the buying cycle.

Turn Marketing into Your Operational Advantage with G5

Understanding mobile dominance and the user experience is one small piece of what a comprehensive digital marketing strategy can provide. Get in front of potential renters when and where they’re searching with digital advertising. Understand which campaigns and keywords are driving converts with Lead Insights. Boost your online presence with a website reboot. G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud helps you turn marketing into your operational advantage.

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