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We live multifamily apartment housing.

From developing your digital marketing strategy, knowing what converts users looking for apartments, to analyzing trending data specific to the phase your property is in—we speak your language.

Digital marketing must engage your buyer persona.

Apartment living has been on the rise due to various sociological shifts. The growing number of women attaining college degrees and delaying child rearing, for example, and increases in the transitory nature of jobs have led to a decrease in home ownership across the country. This type of information provides depth to your buyer persona and their buying journey. Digital marketing is poised to take advantage of these shared persona traits and market to them effectively, delivering you highly targeted leads.

Mobile and Desktop Websites for Multifamily Apartment Housing
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Our strategies help take you where you want to go.

Not all apartments are the same. And neither are their digital marketing strategies when you partner with G5. Our Google Certified team of experts defines strategies to best meet the needs for the phase your apartment is in. Defining your custom strategies starts the day we begin our partnership. We start with your website and optimizing it for your location, your unique features, and your brand. We extend this to paid advertising to highly target the personas you want as your residents—and even more importantly in defining your business goals and analyzing ongoing results and trending.

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Tailored strategies that deliver results.

Your properties have different stages and need unique marketing strategies to bring you the right targeted leads. From a lease up needing fast ramp up to fill the apartments to a competitive market that is constantly battling to stay ahead, we’re here to discuss and tailor strategies just for you.

Lease Up

Use highly targeted lead generation techniques from SEO, Paid Advertising, and Content Marketing.

Various lease up strategies can ramp up your business to address new ownership, renovations, new construction, and more. Ensure your web presence establishes your brand and begins generating new interest and converting leads. Consider other digital marketing techniques to generate brand awareness and attract new audiences. 

Competitive Markets

Stay competitive with G5's ever-evolving platform, including the latest SEO and frequently refresh designs and functionality.

The bulk of your apartments may be in a competitive market and, although occupancy is stable and high, there is always the need to extend awareness of your brand to new audiences, especially for resident turnover. You are only as stable as the next new building is constructed in your area and the newest features and amenities draw the interest of your residents.

Since we’ve had G5, we’ve been cancelling one ILS contract after the next and taken that money and invested a portion of it in our G5 digital marketing efforts, which deliver leads that convert at three to four times higher rates than those from ILSs.

Maria Lashells, Director of Marketing and Training, Hills Properties

We come to the table with ideas.

We combine our expertise in Multifamily with our digital marketing focus honed over ten years to bring you ideas. We bring solutions from the basics of lease ups, competitive and stabilized properties, to the complexity of problem apartments that are on your watch list. Depending on the situation, we’ve got a solution to help. From a reputation that hasn’t been managed, a rebranding that needs to be rolled out, to a renovation that needs to be touted, we’re here to strategize a solution that fits your needs.

Data-driven real estate marketing that works.

The G5 Marketing Cloud delivers new customers at the lowest cost through tailored lead generation strategies, website designs that convert, and analytics that empower—all on one platform.

Targeted Lead Generation

Attract the right audiences through G5's industry-proven, targeted lead generation.

Higher Conversions

Engage users, increase brand trust, and easily convert into more leases with sophisticated website designs.

Better Results

Know your marketing ROI by tracking results, learning, and improving.