We believe that your marketing is only as sound as the data that backs it up. We get that this can be tricky…especially when data might mean something nationally, but your properties are in certain metros, meaning you need data that represents the metros where you’re actually marketing.

Good news: We have you covered where marketing data meets metro-specific data. That’s why we dug into the data to develop metro-specific cheat sheets to understand what’s happening in 24 major metros across the United States. 

Explore the red states on the interactive map below to learn more about the rent, occupancy, and concessions by both property type and metro. 

Want a sneak peak? Good. You’ll get metro-specific marketing benchmarks for everything from organic sessions, to ad sessions, to average digital advertising spend, measured as averages by property. Check out this Austin-specific example below:

Market for Your Metro

Marketing isn’t one size fits all, and we’re here to bring smart tech to your marketing, so you can adjust your tactics to deliver more qualified decision ready leads, for any property type, in any metro. Schedule a demo to learn more about the G5 + LL approach to multifamily marketing.