The average salary for leasing consultants is $32,000 (per NAA). So how much are you paying your on-site leasing consultant, and how much are you investing in your first leasing consultant?

Today, your digital presence is your presence. And your website operates as your first leasing consultant; your first line of defense. Having an accurate website and online presence will ensure leads are coming to your door and converting. If you’ve done a good job merchandising your inventory and marketing your amenities, then your prospects should be soft-closed before they visit your property or seek out a tour.

This isn’t an argument to ditch your on-site leasing consultants. It’s to ensure you’re avoiding bad leads and providing your team with high-quality leads to focus on driving move-ins. Leave the heavy-lifting to your website.

Don’t Leave Leads Behind

People browse online the same way they used to window shop. However, there are even more resources that allow them to make informed decisions. All of your digital touchpoints, from your website, digital advertising, social media, and reviews, should provide an accurate representation of your property.

Since searchers are doing quick searches known as micro-moments, your digital strategy has to effectively meet their needs no matter where they find your brand.

Control the Conversation

The most important thing is to have a strong online presence. Don’t dilute your property’s image by showing up on ILSs with your competitors. Use digital advertising to take leads directly to your first leasing consultant, where you can control the user experience and the prospect’s journey to lease.Funnel high-intent buyers straight to your property’s website where they are three to four times more likely to convert than if they came from an ILS.

When it comes to social media, as many as 74% of all consumers rely on social media to guide their purchasing decisions. And what others have to say about your business is one of the most important factors potential customers consider when making a purchase decision. In fact, 97% of consumers read reviews of local businesses before they decide to buy. It’s become today’s word-of-mouth. Having a reputation management strategy in place validates your property and increases your attractiveness to new potential residents.

Optimize Your Investment

It’s time to put your website to work so your on-site team can focus on working the leads that convert, and the human elements of leasing. Control the online experience and conversation with your prospects by meeting them throughout their digital customer journey. Ready to get started? G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud outperforms other real estate digital marketing solutions by 2.5x with 17.4% website conversion rates. We’ll take care of your first leasing consultant and provide the tools to conquer your reputation and social management. Schedule a demo today.