G5’s State of Digital Marketing Report – Senior Living 2H 2019 is now available for download. We cover everything you need to know about what’s going on in the market and how digital marketing can help. The report also includes data from Google on how senior living search has changed over the past year and the emerging trends that we at G5 think are changing the game for marketers.

Chapter 1: Market Trends

In this chapter, we outline senior living market conditions and how digital marketing can be used as a complement to support or to overcome obstacles. These are the topics we discuss:

  • Senior living occupancy at near record lows – 87.8%
  • Middle-income seniors unable to afford senior housing
  • The challenge of reputation management
  • Recruiting woes: Low unemployment making it difficult to attract and retain qualified employment candidates

Chapter 2: Senior Living Digital Marketing Insights

We review senior living data trends, including changes in queries, impressions, clicks, and ad click-through rate year-over-year. Research is also provided on the seasonality of digital advertising, as well as device trends which continue to highlight the rise of mobile.

Chapter 3: Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is evolving to focus on four key areas: strategy, technology, and customer experience. Gain insight into these emerging trends and read up on how to integrate them with your current marketing stack.


  • Agile marketing as a framework for accomplishing more with less
  • Finding and attracting local influencers to promote your brand online
  • How to optimize your website for page speed and voice search – two components critical to the future of search marketing


  • Why you need attribution modeling to identify lead sources and spend more efficiently
  • The necessity of automation to combat waste

Customer Experience

  • Tips for optimizing your presence on social media and brands to follow for inspiration

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