Intent Trends optimizes digital ad budget to drive 18% increase in highest-quality leads

BEND, Ore. – December 8, 2020  G5, the leader in digital marketing optimization, launches Intent Trends powered by Call Scoring. This new technology leverages machine learning to analyze every phone call in real-time to determine whether the person calling had an intent to move-in. It then uses this intent data to automatically redirect ad spend to the right networks and ad campaigns, ultimately generating 18% more of the highest-quality leads.

Additionally, by measuring intent across all marketing channels, trend analytics give marketers competitive insights to make smarter decisions.

“We are firm believers that every marketing strategy should be data-driven and results-oriented. Intent Trends has improved our efforts in both regards to say the least,” said G5 client, Ross Christensen, Director of Marketing, Integrated Property Management. “It has improved our advertising ROI through budget optimization. In addition, we now have access to reports that are not diluted with non-lead statistics.”

Features and Benefits:

  • Understand what drives qualified leads: Measure the quality (versus quantity) of marketing-generated leads by determining whether each person who calls a community has the “intent to move-in” and then designating those leads as qualified. Using this intent data, marketers can make informed decisions about where to adjust their digital marketing strategy.
  • Redirect advertising spend to the top-performing ads: This technology automatically redirects daily ad spend down to the individual ad campaigns that deliver the most qualified leads.
  • Increase quality at the top of the sales funnel: Decrease customer acquisition costs and drive higher-quality leads to the top of the sales funnel by maximizing marketing budgets.

“Expectations are higher than ever to turn campaign dollars into measurable returns. Currently, most senior living marketers measure only the volume of calls and not the quality of the calls,” said David Rodrigues, Chief Product Officer, G5. “Our Intent Trends technology solves this problem by measuring which marketing sources are most effective and automatically redirecting ad spend toward prospects that truly have intent to move-in.”

To learn more about Intent Trends, watch this short video or schedule a demo.

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