Get the data you need to spend smarter and control marketing outcomes.

Market in the right channels, with the right spend, and attract the right audiences.

Optimize your investment with Lead Insights.

Know which campaigns and keywords are converting, with automatic web and call tracking attribution.

Prioritize your sales efforts with Intelligent Lead Scoring.

Artificial intelligence identifies those leads that are most likely to lease, so you can maximize revenue potential.

Bring your digital marketing data into a centralized hub.

View digital performance in a single dashboard.

Drive marketing decisions with deep insights.

Reporting is at your fingertips with the G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud.

Drive website optimization with performance analytics.

  • Website visitors
  • Devices
  • Form conversions
  • Call conversions

Inform digital advertising optimization with call attribution.

  • Campaign attribution
  • Keyword attribution
  • Source and medium

Position your brand competitively through reputation ratings.

  • Average star ratings
  • Quantity of responses
  • Trending over time

Put AI-powered tools to work for your marketing investment.

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Understand your buyer, know how to target them, and optimize your ROI.

Measure the right data.

We’ll show you which data will predict future outcomes, and ensure you measure the right elements from the start.

We surface the data you care about.

Instead of diving into the weeds of Google Analytics, we’ll bring the right performance data to your dashboard for easy understanding.

Move from reactive to proactive.

Using data and machine learning, see trends coming and alter strategies through hypotheses, testing, and learning.

See how the G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud can drive optimization through data insights.

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