Digital Advertising

Extend your reach and impact with strategic digital advertising.

Stay in front of your best prospects for immediate results.

Sometimes the customer journey is not a straight line. We’ll keep you connected with your best prospects even when they’re not actively searching. In fact, pay-per-click ads will only reach your desired audience about 21% of the time when they’re searching—but we’ve got you covered the other 79%, with branded and strategic display, remarketing, and social advertising, designed to get noticed.

Get started faster with your own websites.

Paid Search

Ads placed on Google and Bing, when audiences are searching.

Display Ads

Ads placed on a network website (covers 2 million websites).

Paid Social

Ads placed on Facebook to reach audiences where they spend time.


Ads that follow a person after they leave your website to bring them back.

Optimize your marketing impact with our latest innovations.

Optimize the campaigns that deliver results with Lead Insights.

With call attribution, you’ll know which ad campaigns and even which keywords prompted someone to call you from your website, so you can do more of what works.

Prioritize call responses with Intelligent Lead Scoring.

Using artificial intelligence, we can show you which leads are most likely to lease, so your sales team can prioritize those calls and maximize revenue potential.

Real estate average

Website Conversion Rates

G5 Digital Advertising drives 2.5x more conversions than the real estate average.

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High-performing strategies are those that focus on specific audiences, moments, and life events.

Audience Match

Find people similar to those who’ve converted on your website.

Hyper Local

Target people in your geographic area or searching for your area.

Moment Targeting

Leverage key life events when people are likely to rent.

Visitor Re-engage

Bring people back to your website after they leave without converting.

Let us show you how.

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Gather insights, not just traffic.

Done right, digital advertising should uncover a wealth of data through Google, Bing, and Facebook. Our team gathers and employs these insights continuously—A/B testing audiences, keywords, and content, to shape the highest performing strategy for your unique business needs and goals.

Get a complete picture of your conversion results.

Lead Insights show us which campaigns and keywords are driving your target audience to call once they reach your website. When we combine that robust data with standard Google Ads, we get a complete picture of your conversions—and unbeatable tools for optimization.

Works with your own website.

Get high performance Digital Advertising to boost your occupancy immediately with your existing websites. Then couple with a G5 website in the future for even higher conversions.

Learn more about Digital Advertising with your current website.

See how Lead Insights works.

Build your brand visibility with Search Ads.

Can you cast a wide net with laser focus on the right prospects? Yes, and we can help. Ads on search engine results pages, like Google, reach a targeted audience in a big way, by taking over the entire screen on mobile devices—where more than half of all searches start.

Your prospects are continuously changing. Is your marketing? The key to marketing impact is continuous measurement, learning, and optimization.

Target and engage the right prospects.

Optimize your advertising with the campaigns and keywords that convert.

Know which campaigns and keywords are producing highest-quality leads.

See why G5 Digital Advertising clients stay with G5.

95% client retention rate
(50% lower churn rate than industry average)
Proud to hold more than 175 Google certifications, and partnerships with these leading platforms. Why does that matter?
  • Google is the leader in search, with 95% share of the mobile search market.
  • Our early access to beta programs, like promotion extensions, keeps you ahead of your competition.
  • Google monitors the performance of our work for you; our continued partnership requires us to meet strict standards.

Enhance your digital foundation with high-performing Digital Advertising strategies.

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