G5 Rep & Social

People are talking about you, without you.

Monitor, respond to, and gain insights from your social and review channels.

Manage your reputation, protect your brand, and impact your operations.

G5's Rep & Social puts you back in the driver's seat so you can stay informed about conversations happening across social and review channels.

Monitor Social and Review Channels.

In one single dashboard, see all the conversations across all the channels, for more big-picture insights.

Engage and Respond Directly.

Your timely and empathetic response can turn a critic into a fan, and a fan into an evangelist.

Gain Insights Through Sentiment Reporting.

Using AI, you'll understand the emotion behind what's being said about your brand, so you can drive real operational impact.

Schedule Future Social Posts.

Bring your social strategy to life with intention, through scheduled posts that reach the right people—including job seekers and current residents—at the right time.

Scale your solution across your portfolio and know what's being said about every business location.

Benchmark against competitors.

View the star ratings and activity for your top competitors and keep an ongoing watch of how you compare.

Align your workflow with your business.

Email, share, take notes, and respond, all within a single dashboard.

Custom Reports give insights in Analytics.

Keep track of how you are responding to reviews, keeping up on workflow, and trending.

You can’t resolve a reputation issue if you don’t know about it.
Stay in the loop with daily alerts.

See How It Works

Listen to all the conversations across your portfolio with a live feed—it’s like air traffic control for social media marketers.

Multiple properties, multiple channels, one manageable solution.

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