Get found faster with optimized, integrated SEO strategies.

Start where your prospects start—with search.

We’ll make sure you’re found amidst the ever-changing complexity of search. Did Google change its algorithms again? Has Bing evolved its rankings? What about Facebook? We're on it. Our SEO strategy team continuously analyzes the search landscape for opportunities to optimize your strategy—and we’ll adjust across all your properties at once.

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Why local search matters more than ever.

Local search is the new yellow pages—it’s how people find the local business they need right now. And it’s growing by billions each year. We can help you optimize all the factors that influence your local search rankings, and turn site visitors into store visitors.

140 billion Local searches by 2019

Source: Statista

Local SEO keyword strategies

Clearly position your neighborhood, competitive amenities, and local landmarks prominently.

Google My Business (GMB) Listing optimization

Powers the knowledge graph and maps, delivering more visible shelf space on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Invest in organic traffic and your entire strategy benefits.

Organic traffic is traffic with a destination in mind—they stay longer on your site, they view more pages, they convert. We’ll makes sure every part of your SEO strategy is working hard to drive organic traffic, from keywords to the very structure of your site—the code that speaks directly to search engines and puts you at the top of their lists.

Increase your organic traffic with a robust SEO strategy.

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With more than 175 Google certifications and partnerships with these leading platforms, G5 Digital Advertising sets you apart from your competition.

Our Partnerships open doors for our clients with access to:
  • New business incentives
  • Account deep-dives
  • Strict performance standards
  • Access to beta tests
  • Pilot programs
  • Training events

Enhance your digital foundation with expert SEO.

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Boost conversions by combining SEO and digital advertising.

The only thing that beats smart SEO? Smart SEO plus smart digital advertising. Because people are more likely to purchase if your brand shows up in both places. We’ll sync your SEO and digital advertising strategies, for greater impact—and greater visibility into the customer journey.

= 16% higher likelihood to purchase

Source: Premier Google Partnership

See Why Digital Advertising and SEO Work Better Together

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