Have you ever been searching online or flipping through the pages of a magazine and come across the same image used in multiple ads for different businesses? It’s not a good look. No matter the industry, users can identify stock photos and those that are true to a community. In senior living, families want to know the truth about where mom or dad is going to live. The quality, quantity, and authenticity of the photos on your Google My Business listing directly correlate to total website visits and phone calls that originate from the profile. The higher-quality, more authentic photos you have on your GMB listing, the better your chances of leading customers to conversion.  

Trust is Among the Most Important Factors in Senior Living

Prospective residents and their families see your website, your GMB listing, and all of the photography throughout your marketing campaigns as a source of truth to learn more about your community. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Quality and Quantity of Photos

BrightLocal’s Google My Business Insights Study analyzed GMB Insights for 45,000 businesses in 36 industries across four countries to see how this data changed over time. The study found a correlation between the number of images on a GMB listing and the total website visits and phone calls that originated from the profile. This data speaks to the fact that in addition to the total number of photos associated with a GMB listing, the quality of images is also important. Searchers finding your GMB listing through organic search want to see authentic photos of your community, and it can directly impact whether or not they click through to your website.

Skip the Stock Photos

Stock photos are affordable and easy, hence why so many companies use them on their websites, in their GMB listings, and in their online advertising. Visual content, including photography, plays a large role in the success of nearly every branding campaign. The authenticity of your photos helps you convey the truth of your brand – which we know plays an important role in choosing a senior living community. Investing in high-quality professional photography featuring faces of people actually living and working in your communities helps show your company in the best light.

Skip the vague stock photos that everyone else in the industry has used for years and stand out with professional photography on your senior living GMB listing. An experienced, professional photographer can help with composition and visual storytelling to convey the authentic experience a senior and their families will experience in your community. Your photos should include real employees and residents, your buildings and amenities, and the exterior of your community. Remember to ask employees and residents if they want to be featured, as not everyone will want to be photographed for your marketing efforts. 

Lead Customers to Conversion with Quality Photography

By switching out stock photos for high-quality, authentic photos, you can lead more seniors and families to tour your community by providing them with a truthful depiction what awaits them onsite. Both quality and quantity of photos on your GMB listing impact phone calls and website click-through rates, which highlights the importance and need for professional photography in senior living. Showing searchers real photos of your community helps build trust, which factors heavily into their decision on where mom and dad will live. 

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