Search engine optimization (SEO) remains the most cost-effective tactic for driving qualified traffic to your website, but SEO alone doesn’t always deliver the volume of leads you need to keep your property at maximum occupancy. This is where G5 Smart Digital Advertising comes in.

Unlike traditional digital advertising that relies solely on individual people to manage campaigns, run A/B tests, and allocate spend, Smart Digital Advertising leverages automation, advanced attribution modeling, and machine learning to drive 2.5X more conversions than the real estate industry average.

Here’s how it works.

Smart DA components


What’s Included with G5 Smart Digital Advertising?

Smart Digital Advertising isn’t your average digital advertising product – it’s a full solution. We help you attract and convert renters at every stage in their buying journey.

Budget Optimizer

Making digital advertising budget decisions based on historical data or contract minimums set by your vendor is a thing of the past thanks to G5’s Budget Optimizer. Our technology assesses the average market spend in your area, along with the expected results at different budget levels, to determine how much you should spend. This data-driven approach to budgeting enables you to spend smarter with more predictable results.

Smart Strategies

One big benefit of partnering with a company like G5 is gaining access to our 15+ years of industry expertise. We’ve been at it a long time, so we know what works and what you need to do to generate the highest quality leads for your property. Our property-specific strategies take into account your geographic location, lease-up status, and unique business needs to bring in the most qualified prospects.

Brightwater Senior Living can attest to the effectiveness of these strategies. Smart Digital Advertising delivered 4.5X more move-ins and decreased cost-per-lead by 22% to help them reach their goal of maintaining full occupancy without increasing marketing spend.

Dynamic Ads (Multifamily & Self Storage)

As marketers our end goal is simple. We want to attract prospects who qualify for our services and provide the greatest lifetime value as renters. If your digital advertising casts a wide net, that means you have to sift through a lot of unqualified clicks before reeling in a big catch. This is where G5 Dynamic Ads changes the game. Integrate digital advertising campaigns with your property management system (PMS) to pull the latest pricing and availability for your apartment floor plans or self storage units directly into ad copy. When a unit or floor plan is no longer available, ads for those units are turned off,ensuring that you’re not advertising for something you don’t have.

Here’s a great example of how it works:

Following the implementation of G5 Dynamic Ads, The Maverick, a Pillar Properties apartment community, saw a 125% lift in phone calls made directly from ads with Dynamic Ads vs other search ads used during the same period year-over-year. In June 2019, G5 automatically paused ads for one-bedroom apartments because the units were not available to rent. G5 reallocated budget from those paused ads to campaigns showcasing available units, saving The Maverick 5% in wasted spend.

Lead Insights

If generating high-quality clicks is priority number one for digital advertisers, then consistently replicating those results is a close second. Data shows that 90% of leads come to you via phone call, so the ability to track the marketing source of those calls can be a game-changer for optimizing campaigns. G5 Lead Insights utilizes innovative attribution and call tracking technology to understand which specific keywords and campaigns make your phone ring.

With Lead Insights, G5 optimizes campaigns based on full knowledge of what performs, not just impressions or traffic. These smart campaign optimizations generate higher quality clicks which means more phone calls to your property.

In 2019, while self storage REITs reported a 16% increase in year-over-year ad spend, G5 client Smart Self Storage leveraged Lead Insights to buck this industry trend decreasing their cost-per-inquiry and increasing the total number of leads by 13%.

G5 Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer

Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer

Many marketers believe that to attract more renters, they need to spend more money. We’re here to set the record straight: you can generate better leads without increasing your advertising budgets – you just need the right technology.

Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer is the latest innovation to be included in the G5 Smart Digital Advertising solution. It uses an advanced attribution model to predict where to spend your next ad dollar to maximize conversions. This technology evaluates campaign performance nightly and automatically allocates spend across networks and channels to achieve the best return. With Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer, G5 relies on thousands of data points across multiple campaigns, channels, and networks to make daily adjustments that lead to better results.

This technology chooses the best campaigns based on performance and then shifts spend in a way that spends budget evenly throughout the month. This works across Facebook, Google, and Microsoft Ads, increasing your reach across the renter’s journey and beyond Google search.

In a recent trial, customers using G5 Smart Digital Advertising with Cross-Channel Spend Optimizer averaged up to 25% higher advertising conversions and up to 15% reduction in cost-per-click using the same budget.

G5 Analytics

Knowing where your money is going and how it’s being managed is one of the biggest struggles for marketers today, especially when working with a third-party or vendor. At G5, we’re all about transparent reporting. We built G5 Analytics to make your life easier. G5 Analytics combines marketing metrics from across channels into a single platform. You only need to log into a single reporting dashboard to see results across all of your websites and digital advertising campaigns. We give you instant access to performance data – website traffic data, ad performance and spend data, and conversion data, as well as insight into the effectiveness of your spend.

Learn More About G5 Smart Digital Advertising

For more information on G5 Smart Digital Advertising, schedule time to speak with a member of our team. We’re happy to provide a digital strategy recommendation to get you started today.