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G5’s Multifamily State of the Industry Report for Q1 2018 is now available to download. The report is a comprehensive overview of industry performance, market outlook, upward trends, and challenges. It also includes specific markets to watch and how those markets will interact with digital advertising.

Report Recap: Market Trends

2018 marks the ninth consecutive year of nationwide economic expansion, employment growth, and household wage growth. The strong labor market will continue to drive market growth, and employment is forecasted to grow faster than the population.

With the industry’s continued success, recent trends show a significant change in how apartment living is viewed. Instead of being viewed as a last resort, apartment living is now a premier lifestyle choice that offers amenities, location choice, and flexibility that home ownership does not provide.

What to Expect: Report Analysis & Predictions

Data and analysis from the following industry surveys and reports provide valuable insights on primary and secondary markets, marketing developments, and challenges for the coming year.

G5’s Q1 State of the Industry report also includes upward trend predictions for digital advertising, including CPC, search terms, and the role of mobile devices in paid search.

Digital Marketing Trends & Landscape

Renters continue to use search engines to find the right apartment community for them. With a mobile device in hand, consumers have the world at their fingertips and expect that the answers they need are available right here, right now.

Micro-moments is a Google-coined term that puts a name to the intent-driven moments that influence decisions and define preferences throughout the customer journey. We take a further look at micro-moments, conversational search patterns, and the rise of voice search across all industries, in the full report.

New on the Scene: Using AI to Amplify Customer Experience

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing has only begun. Partnering AI with human-powered creativity and strategy will lead to an era of fully personalized advertisement delivery.

We answer a number of questions marketers are asking: just what is AI? How can it empower my team? Is it capable of meeting the needs of my audience?

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Leave the research and data analysis to us so that you can focus on making your brand known and converting leads. G5’s Q1 2018 State of the Industry Report includes data-driven insights, predictions, and strategy that will help you make the most of your marketing budget and time this year.