Attracting — and retaining — the right talent is a struggle any business owner can relate to, but it can be especially difficult in Senior Living. You have residents who rely on your staff for help with their everyday needs. They deserve the peace of mind that comes with receiving care from qualified, dedicated professionals. And as an employer, you deserve that too.

If you’re having a hard time finding high-quality employees who share your values, it’s time to expand your efforts  to social media. While Monster, Indeed, and other job search websites are still valuable recruitment tools, Facebook Advertising is the cost-effective alternative you need to strengthen your position in the market.

Why Facebook for Recruiting?

When it comes to recruiting employees for Senior Living, Facebook is an untapped resource with huge potential for success. While LinkedIn remains the gold standard for finding established working professionals, Facebook’s younger demographic  is great for connecting with entry-level and early-career job seekers.

According to the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Report 2016, 67 percent of job seekers use Facebook in their job search, but only 43 percent of recruiters use to it evaluate candidates. Compare that to the 87 percent of recruiters regularly checking in on LinkedIn and you have an excellent opportunity to reach new candidates to staff your Senior Living community. After all, less competition means more interest and a deeper pool of applicants for your open positions.

Targeted Advertising

Perhaps more important than scarcity of competitors however is the ability to target ads to your desired audience. Facebook Advertising allows you to choose the exact candidates you want to see your post. This can mean ads targeted at individuals with specific job titles or areas of study or in specific regions. And with Facebook’s measurement tools, it’s easy to see which ads are performing and which ones need to be tweaked for future use. That means better campaigns, sooner.

Find Employees Who Share Your Values

Using Facebook Ads to recruit employees for Senior Living is also great for another reason: It helps you find users who share your unique values. With 59 percent of job seekers using social media to research the culture of your company, you’re more likely to get qualified candidates that connect with your brand than on any other platform.

And remember, the more engaging the content on your Facebook page (i.e. photos, videos, and community updates), the better positioned you are to capitalize on targeted advertisements.

How Do I Know If It’s Working?

As a savvy Senior Living marketer, you’re going to want to measure the success of your Facebook Ad recruiting campaigns. How you measure success however, depends on how you define success and where you send your leads. If leads are your top priority, and you send all clicks to a form on your website, you can track that information there. For those using a third party recruiting website, you will need to request that information directly from the vendor.

Another option is to keep track of each ad’s reach, impressions, clicks, and click-through rate (CTR) using Facebook’s measurement tools. Engagement metrics like post shares, comments, and Facebook page likes can also be a valuable resource for measuring the success of your Facebook Advertising.

Let G5 Help

Ready to get started? Download the Beginner’s Guide to PPC eBook to learn how Digital Advertising can help you get ahead. Our team works with you to build an effective Facebook Careers Advertising Strategy to ensure your business attracts the right audience to staff your Senior Living community.