At G5, we see ourselves as one large, interconnected team. Sure, we’re also team SEO and Paid, Client Success, Product and Engineering, and so many more; but from a higher level, we are all Team G5. We believe that the success of our all-inclusive team is directly related to the accomplishments and happiness of every one of its members. That’s a big part of why we celebrate our need as human beings to feel fulfilled and express ourselves in life. And we don’t just mean “off the clock.” We’re talking about self-expression in all aspects of life—work included. G5 celebrates and encourages personal freedom in a variety of ways.

Come as You Are

Some people enjoy wearing dress shirts, funky neckties, or black stockings to work every day; but if you’re more into skinny jeans, flannels, and stripy socks, be who you are. Wear what makes you feel like you. G5’s casual dress code means we don’t feel like we put on our “work costumes” to go to work. And if we’re not in a costume, then we’ll likely feel freer to be ourselves in other ways—such as speaking up and making our unique voices heard. According to The Huffington Post, “it is only a matter of time before the dress code of the modern American workplace is altered.” That’s great news, if you ask us.


Personal Space

One of the many perks of working at G5 is the environment. Bright, open floor plans in place of cubicle farms help employees feel welcome and connected. But what good is having an incredible work space if you can’t make it your own? We’re encouraged to go beyond the standard-issue desk accoutrements of tape and a stapler and decorate our workspaces with the same creativity and passion with which we decorate our homes. Our habitats feature everything from string lights to action figures to wild and wooly houseplants. It definitely makes for inviting surroundings (and great conversation starters). Plus, s
ome researchers believe that expressing yourself in ways such as this “might be one, if not the most important ways for people to connect, navigate, and grow with each other.”

Show Your Support

Another way we connect and grow is through the many G5 Committees that allow us to spend time together, create together, and do good together. The G5 Green team, for example, recently held a company-wide challenge to rethink how we commute to and from work, saving approximately 400 gallons of gas in a single month. Our charitable giving committee, G5 Gives, has contributed over $300K in donations to more than 150 organizations since 2006, focusing on education, community, and environmental endeavors in and around Bend. Then there’s the Fun Committee, which hosts our amazing annual summer picnic and unforgettable holiday parties. The BendFilm committee brings together creative minds and cinephiles alike to design a themed web presence and advertising strategy for our city’s annual BendFilm Festival. Our committees are as multifaceted as the people who participate in them, each one presenting a meaningful way to get involved with like minds—both at G5 and in our community.

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Team G5 is powered by many individuals working together. And when those individuals feel their voice is important and heard, we can truly accomplish great things together.

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