We get it. After watching natural disasters and seeing how state-by-state regulations are impacting communities differently, we understand that you need to know what’s happening where you are, or more importantly, where your self storage facilities are

National-focused reports, while helpful for examining industry trends, aren’t always giving you an on-the-ground snapshot of the markets specific to your portfolio. That’s why we dug into the data to develop metro-specific cheat sheets to understand what’s happening in 13 major metros across the United States. Explore the interactive map below to learn more about the average 10×10 storage unit rent, cost of occupancy, and inventory by metro.

The More You Know

Want a sneak peak? Good. You’ll get metro-specific marketing benchmarks for everything from organic sessions, to ad sessions, and average digital advertising spend, measured as averages by property. Check out this Chicago-specific example below:

Metro Marketing Partner

You want a marketing partner who knows what’s going on in your metro, and has advanced machine learning to guide your digital advertising, and adapts accordingly. Schedule a demo to learn more about the G5 approach to self storage marketing.