Branding works to capture the attention of the customers who would benefit from a product or service. From name and logo to strategy and use, your senior living branding needs to reinforce the overall experience you provide, both online and onsite. Here are five of the most common branding mistakes and how to avoid them.

The Wrong Name

Your business name is the gateway to both your brand and the community itself. The right name has a positive impact on the customer journey and helps you stand out from local competitors. Make sure you understand your market and competition so you can avoid a generic name that is too similar to competitors (i.e. Bend Senior Living vs. Bend Senior Homes.) Be original and your name will be more memorable and won’t dilute search results.

A Bad Logo

Your logo should be immediately recognizable. Stay clear from any design choice that is illegible or difficult to read. As part of your brand guidelines, your logo use should include both vertical and horizontal orientation in black and white, full color, two-color, and clear space options. Remember that the logo you choose also dictates your color palette and influences the use of your tagline.

A Brand Voice that Doesn’t Resonate

There are often multiple audiences you need to appeal to, but it’s important to have a set of brand voice guidelines that work to attract and resonate with audiences. Brand voice can be especially difficult for senior living communities, because they need to reach both the new resident and their loved ones, and each audience group may have very different needs, communication styles, and methods for approaching the customer journey. Start by establishing a brand voice that is driven by how you want a person to feel when they interact with your brand. It should be personable, relatable, and connect through the sensitive process of selecting a senior living community.

Inconsistency Across Channels and Collateral

You invest time and money into choosing the right name, logo, tagline, color palette, and design guidelines. Don’t lessen the value of this investment by being inconsistent in how you represent yourself visually. If staying consistent is difficult because many people create and use brand expression tools, it’s time to create a brand guidelines document that outlines exactly how each tool should be used. This includes website, signage, ads, social media images, and all print collateral. Brand guidelines also incorporate your voice and strategy for creative content, SEO copywriting, social media content, and reputation management.

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Not Focusing on What Makes You Unique

Many businesses spend too much time and money trying to outshine their competitors by calling out what is available (or not) at another community. Focusing on what your competitors do or don’t doesn’t reinforce your brand. Stick to what makes your community unique, and you’ll strengthen both your brand voice and the in-person experience you offer residents and their loved ones.

Avoid Branding Mistakes with G5

G5 Studio is our in-house design agency that combines performance-driven designers and marketing experts to help you build a unique brand that sets the stage for the senior living experience you offer. Do more than just avoid common brand mistakes. With G5, you will have seamless brand exposure across the entire customer journey, from digital marketing and website design to logo choice and print collateral.

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