Invest in Your First Leasing Consultant

Your in-house leasing consultant creates lasting relationships with your residents and their loved ones. Investing in their role is a given. But are you also investing in your first leasing consultant — your website? You already know that your website is the first point of contact for most prospective residents and needs to reflect what makes your community unique. But it’s more than that: your website should be delivering qualified leads straight to your leasing team.

Does your lead aggregator represent your brand like your website does? And does it deliver qualified leads? With a lead aggregator, you are paying for quantity not quality and to be listed next to your competition, both of which diminish your brand. Take back control of a prospect’s entire digital journey with a marketing strategy that works for you.

Don’t Leave Leads Behind

Think of online browsing as window shopping, but with immediate access to photos, reviews and a competitor’s information. Your potential resident and their family do quick searches known as micro-moments. They both need and expect to find enough information about your community to establish their interest. Capitalize on these moments with a proactive, predictive digital strategy, powered by your website, that works to deliver the right leads to your leasing team.

Lead your Prospect’s Journey to Lease

Website leads are three to four times more likely to convert than if they came from a lead aggregator. Why continue to lose the first month’s rent to a service that makes you work harder to convert leads? It is no longer necessary to pay for under-performing channels that diminish your brand. Lead aggregators have a high cost-per-lead with a low ROI. Just deliver the right leads directly to your own website.

Soft-close your leads before they visit your community with an accurate website and online presence. Don’t dilute your community’s image by showing up on lead aggregators with your competitors. Your prospective residents and their families want authentic experiences with your brand. They need to trust you to take care of them. Use digital advertising to take leads directly to your first leasing consultant, where you can tailor their experience with your community.

As many as 74 percent of consumers are influenced by social media before they make a decision. Your social media accounts need to showcase your community and set it apart from the competition. Include content like custom photography, video testimonials with staff and residents, and resources to increase their knowledge of the overall senior housing process.

Did you know that a staggering 97 percent of consumers read reviews before they decide to lease? Online reviews are today’s word-of-mouth, so it’s critical to drive your own messaging and brand awareness. You’ll also want to have a reputation management strategy in place; it creates a level of trust with your community and potential residents.

Optimize Your Investment

It’s time to put your website to work so that your on-site team can focus on quality in-person experiences. Reducing your reliance on lead aggregators allows you to control a prospect’s online experience with meaningful interactions with your brand throughout their entire digital journey.

Ready to get started? G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud outperforms other real estate digital marketing solutions by 2.5 times. We’ll take care of your first leasing consultant.

If your website is not working for you by delivering leads, we can help. Schedule a demo today.