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Expert SEO drives the right traffic to your brand.

There are more than 13 billion Real Estate related search queries annually and yet, 63% of marketers optimize their websites based on intuition and best practices. With G5’s SEO your site is built to drive more traffic and convert more of those visitors into leads.

SEO is the foundation for lead generation.

SEO is always evolving. SEO is a complex combination of factors including website usability, content, links, engagement, and other online signals to determine which websites have expertise, authority and trust in the eyes of Google, Bing, etc. Great SEO should be:

  • User-centric. Multi-page websites allow you to target various search phrases that align with what makes your business stand apart, and more importantly answer questions that users are asking.
  • Visible. SEO is the foundation of your digital marketing to keep your brand visible and increase your awareness by delivering qualified users to relevant content on your website.
  • Niche. With the advent of RankBrain, Google’s mix of algorithms depend even more on specialized subjects, or industry information so the right equation results in the best results for a specialized topic.
  • Competitive. Online competition is only increasing and G5 SEO keeps you getting found even when search algorithms continue to change.

If I knew when we first started with G5 what the impact on our business would be, I would have added all of our properties much sooner.

Dave Marcinkowski, CEO and co-owner, The Madera Companies

Master Search with the help of experts.

Our SEO Strategy Team holds over 30 certifications in multiple digital marketing disciplines. This expertise guides and delivers an effective SEO strategy for G5 clients.

By partnering with G5 for your SEO services, you’ll receive:

Deep Insights

G5 delivers customized SEO strategies with over 10 years experience, giving you deep insights based on proprietary benchmarking data.

Evolving Strategies

Access to extensive data allows G5 to identify trends and adjust strategies to remain proactive in an ever-changing search landscape.

Evolving SEO

The G5 Marketing Cloud is constantly being upgraded to identify and capitalize on changes in search strategies and user behaviors.

Secure and Safe

G5 only practices legitimate SEO strategies and keeps you in good standing with search engines.