Renters want to know exactly what they can expect before leasing an apartment from you, which means you need to do more than just list out features and show a few still photos on your website. Investing in virtual property tours allows you to show potential renters what they can expect in specific floor plans, giving them more insight into the property and transforming them into more qualified leads.

Instead of telling your website visitors what great features and amenities your apartments include, show them with a virtual property tour.

What is a Virtual Property Tour?

A virtual property tour is a type of interactive media that uses 3D photography to display property features or floor plans. It provides users a 360-degree view of your property and helps them determine if a floor plan includes the things they want most in a new apartment. Virtual property tours combine a collection of rotating images that are interconnected so viewers can explore every angle of the tour. Unlike a video of the property, clicking through the virtual tour allows renters to act as if they are walking through the apartment as they would during a live tour.

Benefits of Virtual Tours

There are a lot of benefits to adding virtual property tours to your website, and it starts with the ability to pre-qualify prospects. If a prospect requests more information after viewing a virtual tour, you know they have true interested in your property because they have already visited it in the digital world. This thins the crowd of potential renters and allows you to focus on nurturing your most qualified prospects.

Adding virtual tours to your website also gives you the benefit of being able to control how your brand is displayed. Potential renters often find themselves searching beyond an apartment community’s website to get an accurate depiction of the property before contacting your leasing staff for a personal tour. This leaves your property vulnerable to user-uploaded photos that may not represent your brand in the best light. Virtual property tours allow you to stage a floor plan to speak to your brand values and aesthetic.

Add Virtual Property Tours to Your Website

Virtual tours act as a 24/7 open house for your apartment community, allowing potential renters to tour specific floor plans when your leasing agents aren’t around to show the property. Visitors to your website interact with the virtual tour, which builds trust. Virtual tours also help potential renters that aren’t in the area tour an apartment when it’s not possible for them to visit in person. Residents want to be in control of their own decision making, and by providing interactive tools like virtual property tours you can step above the competition by providing unique ways for renters to interact with your community.

Show, don’t tell potential renters about your multifamily development by providing 3D virtual tours that won’t leave anything to the imagination. Give renters a sense of the community’s personality and flow with interactive visuals that cohesively depicts your property the same online as it is in real life.

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