One of the best lease-up tactics you can master is to introduce a new community to the neighborhood using social media. Social media allows you to make online connections with fellow business owners, restaurants and bars, entertainment options, and of course, prospects. Branded social media pages also allow you to take further ownership over what is being said about you online. Give renters leads, and community members the opportunity to get to know your brand where they already spend time.

Five Tactics to Add to Your Social Media Strategy

Your social media strategy should include the following five tactics, which work well across all social media platforms.

Timing: When to Launch Social Media Profiles

Be prepared to launch your social media profiles at the same time you launch a new website or landing page. You can design your pages prior to setting them “live” for public viewing. This way, you can begin connecting with the community from the get-go.

Get Connected: Follow, Friend, and Like

Speaking of getting connected, you should compile a list of businesses, events, community organizations, restaurants, and neighborhood gathering spots that align with your brand ahead of time. Once your page is public, follow their social media pages. You can also start to plan community-oriented posts that feature your favorite neighborhood watering hole, event, or local business.

Hashtags: Memorable and Unique

Hashtags can be used to identify a keyword or topic that is relevant to your brand. If one is used within a social media post, it is searchable and can easily be found by users looking for specific content. Your social media strategy should include branded hashtags that identify and differentiate your brand, as well as popular local tags used by the community at large.

Contests: Aim for Targeted User Generated Content

User generated content is one of the best ways to obtain authentic and widespread engagement on social media. Facebook and Instagram both have well-regulated rules for hosted contests. Be sure to review those regulations before you start posting contests and other UGC opportunities online. For Facebook, the main thing to note is that you cannot ask your followers to share the contest on their profile, tag their friends in a contest post, or share on a friend’s timeline.

Advertising: Extend your Reach with Paid Ads

Paid social ads are an integral part of your overall digital advertising strategy, and work to reach both your existing audience (followers) and the greater community (new prospects). The purpose of these ads is to make new connections outside of the search process. Paid social ads can be highly targeted based on interest, location, age group, lifestyle, and numerous other factors. You might be surprised to see how far a $50 boosted post can go.

Next Steps: Implementation and Management

Once your general strategy is in place, there are basic to-dos and mistakes to avoid when creating posts, interacting with followers, and maintaining your online image. For a list of the top five social media mistakes to avoid in 2019, click here.

Social and Reputation Management with G5

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