The best way to ensure you earn and keep the top position on SERPs? Launch your website with as much built-in SEO as possible. If you already have an established website and need to improve your SERP ranking, you need to re-evaluate your SEO strategy. Regardless of when strategic SEO elements are implemented, the next thing to do is align your website SEO with your digital advertising campaigns. This way, the two can inform and improve one another.

Rank Higher by Launching Your Website with Built-in SEO

The backbone of your new (or redesigned) website must include a SEO strategy with on- and off-page elements and user behavior signals. It’s also essential to consider launching an HTTPS site, rather than a non-secure HTTP site, that is designed to be either mobile-first or mobile-friendly.

SEO Strategy On-Page Elements to Include:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Page Hierarchy
  • Image Alt-Text
  • Structured Data
  • Keywords
  • URL Structure
  • Creative Content

Each of these elements will be further defined and strengthened by off-page elements, including all linked analytics accounts. Once these accounts are linked, you will be able to monitor changes and trends in your personal Google Search Console and identify attainable goals to further improve your SERP rank.

A successful website harmonizes with inherent, well-managed SEO toward a common goal: to drive organic traffic and convert leads.

How Your Website and Digital Advertising Influence Ranking

Your SEO strategy and content works in tandem with the digital advertising that is tied to your website. Together, these two pieces inform search engines of your worth and ranking strength. The equation for AdRank is:  AdRank = Ad Extensions + CPC Bid x Quality Score. Your quality score is dependent on landing page experience, ad relevance, and expected click-through-rate.

Half of the equation is dependent on your digital advertising provider — ad extensions, CPC bid, and expected click-through-rate. The other half is dependent on your website provider — quality score. Both partners dictate the ad relevance, because ad copy must be consistent with website copy and the listed services offered.

Use Digital Advertising to Inform SEO Changes

The key aspect of your quality score is the actual user experience and website content. This is yet another reason why it’s important to have a cohesive website development and digital advertising partnership. Using different providers for these key online elements could result in lower ad rank and inconsistencies between page content and ad content.

Combining these roles does more than increase consistency and efficiency. It also allows the website, SEO copy, and digital advertising to inform one another with campaign insights and web traffic. This leads to ongoing optimization with higher performing keywords, consistent copy, and fast-tracked changes.

Partnering Website and Digital Advertising Strategy with G5

G5 is a front-end marketing partner that works to streamline the entire customer journey. We offer an in-house design studio to revamp your website, SEO experts who will get you found faster, and a real estate marketing platform that outperforms other services by 2.5 times. Achieve higher occupancy and better SERP ranking with G5. To learn more, schedule a strategy session today.