What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold. What’s better than being best-in-class? A G5 + Knock best-in-class partnership. 

When we say best-in-class, we mean being the kind of MarTech (marketing technology) company who teams up strategically with other industry-specific partners to make our client’s lives easier and provide better insights on your leads and leases. How do you do that? Three words: drop. the. silos. (and build integrations…okay, that was six words, but who’s counting?) 

When your tech solutions team up, your sales and marketing teams have better leads, better leasing, and a better experience. Want to talk specifics? Great. G5’s digital marketing platform uses machine learning to deliver more traffic and 3x more quality leads, aka better leads. Knock’s intelligent leasing operations optimizes processes and delivers 20% more conversions, aka better leasing. By tapping into the G5 and Knock tech stack combo, you get the most efficient lead generation with the smoothest lead to lease transition.

You will unlock insights from the researching renter’s first Google search for “apartments with a balcony,” through lease signing. And maybe even through hoisting a couch up several flights of stairs yelling “pivot.” We’re (not) kidding. 

Here’s the deal. You can buy a car in four clicks. You can buy anything on Prime Day in one click. Clearly, choosing an apartment home to rent is a complex decision. But, we believe technology should empower renters in their decision-making, AND power your sales and marketing team’s efforts. From getting the highest quality leads with G5, to optimizing lease operations with Knock, you can operate with confidence knowing you’re working with cutting-edge tech solutions, while delivering a premium rental experience.