Outbound marketing limits how a resident’s experience can influence your brand. It’s not just a one-way street for communicating with leads; it’s a dead end for understanding motivations and engagement. Don’t reduce the impact of your senior living community with intrusive and irrelevant messaging. Instead, take charge of your brand with personalized inbound campaigns.

Add Value to your Senior Living Community with Inbound Marketing

Potential residents and their loved ones are establishing trust with your community each time they interact with your brand. Make them feel like family and they will see you differently from other communities in your area. How do you transition from outbound to inbound marketing? Let’s start by understanding how you approach and interact with leads.

1. You are not advertising an impulse purchase.
Senior living is far from a commodity and should not be marketed as such. As you know, the research and move-in process is slow, complex, and highly personal. Give your leads the attention they deserve with marketing that is as careful and consistent as their search process.

2. Be helpful.
Simply put, outbound marketing cannot support the move-in process because it’s too generic. Your role is to inform, engage, and add value. The best way to do that is with relevant information that enhances a lead’s experience.

3. Tailor your marketing campaigns to reach your ideal audience.
Stop invading a lead’s search process with generic messaging. Inbound marketing helps you control how, when, and why you interact with a lead. This is paramount to forming a personal, informative relationship.

4. Start a dialogue.
Your new relationship with a lead relies on understanding their search process. What roadblocks are in the way? What are their desires for transitioning to senior housing? This level of information cannot be attained through outbound marketing

5. Listen to what your residents are saying.
Allow the trusted dialogue and relationship you’ve built with a new resident influence future campaigns and messaging. Inbound marketing is highly adaptive. It can change as your residents’ needs and desires change, as well as how your community adapts to a changing population.

Your Online Branding Checklist

Inbound marketing is its most adaptive and influential through digital campaigns. Does your online presence add value to your brand and community? If you’re unsure, ask yourself the following questions about your website, social network pages, review sites, and search engine listings.

  • Do you have accurate listings on a range of online platforms? We recommend starting with a website, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Bing.
  • Is your brand and creative content consistent? Make sure you use same logo, colors, and basic information on all platforms.
  • Do you frequently upload new creative content? Ask residents what they like most about your community. Then, post photos, videos, testimonials, and blog posts that highlight what is already working.
  • Are you creating relevant content with the right tone? Choosing a senior living community is an emotional process. Ask yourself: what emotions is your creative content and online presence invoking?

Your Partner in Hyper-Personalized Marketing

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Your community deserves more than what outbound marketing has to offer. Take a demo today to see how G5 can help you build trusted relationships with your ideal audience.