Marketing sits at the crux of responding to what is going on around us, and consistently messaging who we are in an authentic and genuine way. AKA, no small task when you consider all the things that have happened in the past two-ish years. 

As we begin a new year, we think you all deserve a pep talk (that you didn’t even know you needed). Here are four motivational soap box speeches that will have you go-getting and goal-crushing 2022. 

#1 Own It 

This is one of G5’s “Five to Thrive” values, and ya know what? We believe it’s applicable 24/7/365. In the new year, be accountable for your actions and the energy you bring to your team and your marketing efforts. 

It can be so easy to get stuck in a loop, looking at the negative side to a situation: deadlines, stress, and long to-do lists, but that doesn’t mean we need to stay there. Instead of looking at difficult situations as insurmountable, take accountability for how you navigate tackling these challenges. 

#2 Perfect Is the Enemy of Good

Here’s the deal, marketers have high expectations, you’re probably not alone there. But sometimes, when your Dior expectations crash into your dime budget…well, it can be disappointing. And, can lead us to trip into thoughts like: since I can’t do XYZ campaign perfectly, I won’t do it at all. As the saying goes, perfect is the enemy of good. 

Good allows us to try new tactics. Good allows us to experiment and learn. Good means we actually took action. To be blunt, if you’re waiting for the “perfect time” to start something new with your marketing, you might be waiting a looooooooong time for those stars to align, because  the “perfect time” doesn’t exist. 

So, start a new thing. It’s also more effective to actually get something done rather than thinking “when I have a bigger budget, when I have more time, when we have XYZ…then we’ll do it.” 

Start now. It’s both better and braver to take action. You’ve got this. 

#3 Get That To-Do List Ta-Done

We all have a few nagging items on our to-do list, either personally or professionally that keep getting kicked into the next week, month, or quarter. Perhaps it’s fixing the Zoom settings in your account, so that participants don’t need to ask “can I share my screen, please?” Maybe it’s taking 15 minutes to write that email you’ve been dreading. Or, maybe you’re taking care of everything at work, but skipping lunch every. single. day. and dining on the menu titled “Burnout.”

We aren’t here to turn you into work-a-holics who NEED TO GET THAT LAST ITEM DONEEEEEE OR ELSE! We are here to say, if you’re procrastinating, you know you are…and just do the darn thing. The mental energy our procrastinated projects can hold is well, just heavy, and you don’t need to carry that weight into a new year.

So, block off however much time you need on your calendar, and start getting those nagging to-dos turned into ta-dones. One idea? Pick one procrastination item a day and name it out loud.

#4 Lean on Tech to Help You Do Less

If your digital advertising is backed by a best-in-class MarTech solution that optimizes your advertising spend, daily, to the highest performing campaigns, then why did you come back from holiday time off with an anxious pit in your stomach about your digital advertising? 

Here’s the deal, if there’s anything we all learned in the past couple of years it’s how fleeting our lives are. While we love a goal-getter who takes marketing seriously, we think you can do that AND still make time for R&R with loved ones. 

There can be a nagging fear for marketers and PTO: what if something happens, or performance slips and I don’t notice because I’m OOO? This, my friend, is why we need to rely on tech to drive performance in our marketing efforts. If you’re backed by an automated tech solution, then your marketing will drive performance with or without you refreshing KPIs every five minutes. 

Motivation Meets Action

We hope this list is both a combination of real-talk, and motivation. Just remember, if you need the peace of mind that your marketing is taken care of, so that you can go take care of you…we’ve got you. G5 is a place where marketing motivation meets action. 

To channel some of that energy into your own team, listen to our motivational marketing playlist, and download our Goal and Intention Setting Journal to kick off the new year strong.