The secret to reducing your internet listing service (ILS) dependency is recognizing the high cost of paying for a lead aggregator. Spend more efficiently and effectively by taking back control over the experience you offer leads and customers. Relying on an ILS costs more than just the dollar amount at the end of your contract. It also dilutes your brand and gives a third-party agency more control over how you are represented online. Breaking ties with your ILS might feel like a massive undertaking. Here are the first steps to take to reduce ILS dependency and spend smarter.

Make Your Website Work for You

Your website can be your best investment to introduce leads to your brand and convert. It’s also the most important tool in owning the entire customer journey – something an ILS does not allow. How do you make your website work for you? First, know that 87 percent of consumers use organic search, not third-party agencies, to get information and start the buying process.

Make sure your website can be found with data-driven foundational and local SEO, accurate business listings, and a comprehensive social platform. Leads should be able to get a realistic introduction to your property through photos, video tours, testimonials, real-time pricing and inventory, and more. Self storage websites should also offer online contract review and leasing.

Digital Advertising to Drive Qualified Leads

Investing in a strategic digital advertising campaign is a more cost-effective choice for your marketing budget. Deliver high-quality leads straight to both your website and sales team with digital advertising that connects you with your ideal audience even when they’re not actively searching. The right strategy will target the right people, in the right area, at key moments in the search process. A targeted campaign should also employ innovative tools such as real-time pricing and inventory updates, as well as insights about what makes your campaigns successful or not.

Own the Customer Journey

Taking ownership over the customer journey by breaking ties with your ILS is easier than you think. Through efficient marketing, a website that converts for you, and staff ready to assist at every step, you’ll have more control over your brand, messaging, and the goals and deliverables you need to reach.

From website design and SEO to digital advertising and reputation management, G5 has you covered. We make it easy for you to optimize performance across your customer journey, all in one place. G5’s Intelligent Marketing Cloud outperforms other real estate digital marketing solutions by 2.5 times.

Download our white paper, How to Turn Digital Marketing Leads into Leases, and take the next step towards reducing your ILS dependency.