When renters reach a self storage website that doesn’t include real-time pricing and availability, or the flow of the website isn’t intuitive, bounce rates skyrocket and units remain vacant. In a competitive self storage market that saw average rents decrease in 2018 due to concessions, increased delivery, and high occupancy goals, operators need to overcome these roadblocks in order to convert renters. Whether spending your marketing budget on digital advertising, social media, or lead aggregators, when a prospect finds you online, don’t let this potential customers slip through your fingers due to an outdated, hard-to-navigate website.

Streamline Your Website

Having a streamlined website with accurate, up-to-date information can help you convert more prospects into leads. Make your website user-friendly and actionable by eliminating common roadblocks that may be preventing users from leasing your units.

  1. Provide Answers — Searchers looking for self storage units have questions that bring them to your website and if you can provide answers in a clean format, you give yourself the best advantage to attract new renters.
  2. Calls to Action — Streamlining your website starts “above the fold,” the screen space that appears on initial load. This area should include a visible and inspiring call to action that leads users to the most pertinent information. “View Units” or “Check Availability” buttons and encouraging language leading to the Units page help you provide an immediate answer to one of their primary questions — do you have what they are looking for?
  3. Easy to Contact — Your location and contact information needs to be included on every page of the website. Not every searcher comes directly to your homepage. Whether through organic search, digital advertising, or social media, users may find their way to other pages on your website and you want to ensure it’s easy for users to contact you. You may also consider having a sticky call button attached to the side of the screen that makes it easy for users to contact you at any time.

Make Leasing Easy

Searchers looking to rent self storage units want to find the information they seek easily, without having to jump through hoops. Your website should immediately and boldly answer the following questions:

  • Where can they find you?
  • How can they contact you?
  • Do you have units available?
  • How much do your units rent for monthly?
  • Can units be rented online?

This information should be laid out in an intuitive way that helps users along the path to conversion. A streamlined website with a simple user experience can be effective in converting digital visitors into renters.

Real-Time Pricing and Availability

Prospective self storage renters know they need a self storage unit and are looking with the intention to rent. Providing real-time pricing and availability meets searchers with current and accurate information — answering many of the questions we discussed above. Today’s searchers want companies to meet them at every touchpoint throughout the buyer’s journey and if you have a pricing hurdle in place, they will go elsewhere to find what they want.

Real-time pricing and availability make it easy for renters to find the exact storage unit they want at the time they need it. Allowing searchers to rent these units online simplifies the process for them as well as for your leasing team by eliminating an array of potential roadblocks. Online leasing results in fewer phone calls for your staff to return, more conversions, and happy customers that will be easier to convert into advocates for your brand.  

Provide Answers to Lease Units

Arriving at a website with a poor user interface that doesn’t answer consumer questions or provide current information may be the reason why renters aren’t leasing your storage units. Streamline your self storage website by providing users with real-time pricing and availability in a clean, easy to navigate format. Utilize clear and engaging calls to action that encourage renters to lease storage units online. Clearly state your offerings and where and when they are available. Customize your website to make it as easy as possible for renters to lease your storage units can watch as your website conversions turn into possible advocates for your brand.

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