Websites don’t stand the test of time – just like a brand new car that you drive off the lot, they start to depreciate the moment you launch. In the case of cars, they lose value because new models come out all the time. In the case of your website, there are three big culprits of depreciation:

1. Search Engine algorithm updates
2. Ever-changing prospect motivations and preferences
3. Advances in website development technology

Because these three things are constantly changing, you need to find a way to mitigate them or your website will lose its effectiveness. In short, your website will not be able to generate leads at the pace or quality that you need.

Take a Closer Look at the Three Culprits of Website Depreciation

1. Search Engine algorithm changes

Over the past two years 18 MAJOR Google algorithm changes occurred and last year alone over 541 changes in total. These changes can hurt your presence in the Search Engine results page. Adding and updating your website content isn’t a cure-all, but it can help keep this from happening.


2. Prospect motivations and preferences

What your prospects are looking for changes constantly. That change might be based on available technology, financial restrictions, and trends. You need a content management system (CMS) that will allow you to quickly and easily make changes to the layout and content of your site to ensure you are meeting your prospects’ needs.

3. Advances in website development technology

We’re regularly introduced to new and improved ways to serve up websites, making them faster to load and easier to view. Keeping up with these changes will ensure that your websites remain effective at delivering leads to your team.

Knowing that constant change is negatively impacting your ability to drive quality leads, what can you do to have a positive impact? I’ve listed five things, starting with the simplest and most critical.

1. Keep content fresh

What will engage your prospects depends on what is relevant to them. A new shopping center, school, or public transit system nearby your location are the types of things that they probably care about. When these things happen in your area, update your website to share the news. Similarly, update your website to announce events like BBQs or charitable efforts. Post these when they are relevant, and then take them down so they know your site is current.

2. Change the layout

Refresh the arrangement of content to show your prospects that you are engaged with your website. And test content layouts to see which generates more leads and click-throughs. This makes your website not only appear to evolve and change but offers vital information for future effectiveness.

3. Enrich your site

Videos, photos, and event calendars generate engagement and showcase the best parts of your property. However, this content can become stale. The opposite of stale is FRESH! Be sure to update these on a regular basis.

4. Update functionality

Updating the functionality of your navigation items, buttons, and scrollable content. With 52% of searches occurring via smartphones with a small viewing area, functionality and layout are vital.

5. Highlight your properties’ upgrades

Showcase your upgrades; from new paint and new amenities offered to visually stunning changes such as your new pool or your new beautiful landscaping.


There are three big culprits that cause your website to depreciate as soon as you launch it:

1. Search Engine algorithm changes
2. Changing target audience motivations and preferences;
3. Advances in website technology.

The G5 Marketing Cloud is based on an innovative platform that mitigates the impact of all three of these culprits. In addition, there are some practical opportunities for you to ensure that your site continues to effectively bring in quality leads. These include:

1. Keeping your content fresh
2. Refreshing your content layout
3. Enriching your site with video and other media
4. Updating the functionality for basic actions
5. Highlighting your properties upgrades

Don’t let the culprits win. Take action today.