Your SEO strategy is one way that you ensure your business attains authority and trust with search engines. Managing your brand across social channels is a necessary part of your cohesive digital strategy. G5’s Facebook Partnership alerted us to the importance of verifying your website address, or domain, to ensure Facebook Business considers your a trusted source.

Facebook is doing more to ensure content integrity and has been making changes in how businesses use the website to interact with customers. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica controversy earlier this year, Facebook is taking steps to remove fake accounts, block spam, and report on bad behavior on their site. Businesses may not know that an unverified person could be posing as them online — posting content that might harm their reputation with customers.

How to Verify Your Facebook Business Page

Summer is a great time to do some social media cleaning and maintenance. Here are our tips to help you get your Facebook Business account in order:

  1. Set up your Facebook Business Manager account. If you haven’t set this up, what are you waiting for? Business Manager is the place you go to manage Pages and where you can assign and manage permissions for people working on your Facebook account. Check out Facebook’s step-by-step to get started.
  2. Manage your settings, people, and ad assets. Once you have your Facebook Business Manager ready to go, you will be able to manage all of your location Pages in one account. You can also add more people to your account and set their permissions. Here is the full list of actions you can take in Business Manager.
  3. Verify your website (aka domain). This lets you claim ownership of your website domain, so that only you can edit links and other content about your business on Facebook. This is a crucial step in preventing misuse of your domain and is one measure Facebook is taking to prevent spam in its community. This verification step could also soon impact how your ads are displayed on Facebook. If you have multiple domains, you will need claim ownership for each one. To get ahead of the game, follow these steps to verify your domain on Facebook.