Have you ever chosen one product over another just because you liked the name? Maybe it was that really posh brand of shampoo that sounded French or the ultra-modern restaurant with the one-syllable signage that you couldn’t resist. Either way, don’t be embarrassed if you shop based on names, because none of it is an accident. Branding is designed to capture the attention of customers who would benefit from the product. Be it laundry soap or SUVs, apartment homes or self storage units, solid branding begins with choosing the right name to set your brand-development project off in the best direction.

Welcome to Your Brand

Think of your name as the gateway to your brand. Everyone who interacts with your business, asset, or product will pass through this name on their journey to becoming a customer. You want a name that reinforces your positioning and sets proper expectations in order to build brand trust and loyalty. This is how a name influences, and ultimately becomes, a brand.

Wondering where to start? Your trusted marketing partners at G5 are here to help with these simple tips on building a brand around a name.

Focus on Experience

Let’s get one thing cleared up right away: Yes, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. But that doesn’t negate the impact a name will have on people’s experience with the flower. For example, if roses were called dumpster brambles, it wouldn’t really matter how sweet the flower smelled because no one would want to drop in nose-first to see for themselves. The same is true for your brand name. You may have the sweetest property on the market, but if your name isn’t both attractive and in line with the property’s unique value proposition, it’s going to be hard to spark interest and convince potential customers that your offering will provide a satisfying experience.

Think it Through

What are the potential nicknames that might come from the full name? Is there a shortened version you want to include as part of your brand and social strategy? Nicknames aren’t necessarily a bad thing, just make sure they are something you can leverage. Be sure to include specifications for different versions of the name in your brand guidelines to ensure the same level of consistency and quality throughout all known-as names. As long as you can control the marketing and branding behind it, a catchy nickname can actually be a big advantage, especially for use in your social strategy.

Dig Deeper

Have you thoroughly researched all proposed names for potentially embarrassing or unfortunate connotations? What about acronyms, rhymes, and pop-culture references? This may seem like a silly thing to concern yourself with, but you have to remember that once your brand is released into the world, people will create associations based on their experiences– especially in the digital space. When it comes to avoiding these kinds of blunders, extensive research really is the best defense.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind

It’s never too early to start thinking about taglines, design, logos, and color schemes. Even if the name is still in process, make sure you’re always thinking about the visual representation of your name and how the correlating brand will resonate with your target audience. How will the name and colors work together in your new logo? Does it complement your vision, reinforce your brand promise, and create a cohesive and enticing message? You’ll also want to think about how your brand will resonate in the marketplace. Professional creative work is the best way to ensure that each design element and messaging piece is unique and true to your brand identity while speaking to your target audience.

A Common Pitfall

It may seem intuitive to choose a brand name and design aesthetic that is in line with what you’re seeing from area competitors, but instead of doing what’s been done, and done again, think about how you can demonstrate your unique value in a way that differentiates your property and attracts the right demographic.

Sounds Easy, Right?

Not so much. Identifying the right name is an involved process that requires market knowledge, a well-rounded creative skill set, strategic know-how, and the ability to envision, execute, and deliver a fully developed and cohesive brand identity to your target customer. The good news is that you really don’t have to worry about any of that stuff when you partner with G5 Creative Services on your next naming or branding project. Our in-house team of branding gurus will work with you to expertly name, brand, and market your property.

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