In an Internet-driven world where branding and name recognition are paramount to attracting and sustaining consumer interest, messing around with name changes for services can be risky business. So, why would G5 adopt the title Digital Advertising to replace Paid Advertising among its client services? For us, the reason is crystal-clear, and indicates more than a mere shift in lexicon. To clarify, the term Paid Advertising no longer fits the scope and breadth of what we offer. It fails to consider the thoughtful and nuanced mix of digital options that makes for an effective and successful marketing strategy. Most importantly, we feel that while the word “paid” registers as cost-of-service, it does not accurately speak to true value-of-service.

Digital Advertising Meets Users Where They Are

Data tells us that users spend 21% of their online time searching, and the remaining 79% browsing the web, socializing, and engaging with email. A Digital Advertising strategy is the amalgam of methods employed to get your brand in front of your potential customer in the moment when it will be most effective. Digital Advertising includes:

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Advertising
  • Remarketing

Adding Display Advertising to the mix increases your brand recognition and assists in generating demand. By coupling social advertising with your search advertising efforts, data shows that you can increase your online conversion rates by upwards of 15 – 20%.

Layering in Remarketing reaches additional lower funnel customers who have previously visited your website, but did not convert and are continuing to research and compare your properties against competitors. If you only focus on the bottom of the funnel, you’re not filling the top of your funnel. You can’t remarket to people if no one is coming to your site.

Digital Advertising Yields Quantifiable Results

Digital Advertising opens opportunities to understand where potential clients are and what they are doing at different points on their purchase path. A customer in the buying phase needs different content than someone who is still actively shopping around. Different levels of customer engagement ensure that your brand is at the front and accessible at all stages of the path.

Digital Advertising provides measurable and actionable results while zeroing in on qualified users. If you are not using Digital Advertising, you’re missing out on your target audience at the moments that matter most.

Fill the Funnel

In conjunction with our total platform solution, Digital Advertising can help you meet your business goals. G5 is here to help you find the right marketing mix. G5 creates full-funnel digital advertising strategies which allow our clients to reach potential customers and residents at all stages of their 20+ point decision-making journey. To be truly effective, it’s important to be visible in the moments that matter most and to be seen by your customers at all points in their online journey – not just a static point in time.

To learn more about G5 Digital Advertising Services, schedule your demo with our team today.