Billions of people use Facebook, the world’s largest social network, to interact with friends, family, and brands. Your customers spend their time online interacting on Facebook and that means you need to be there too. Self storage companies should take advantage of the resources and access to prospects that a Facebook Business presence provides. Facebook allows you to communicate directly with customers and prospects as well as gain valuable insights from targeted marketing campaigns. Customers expect brands to show up at every touchpoint along the buyer’s journey. If you don’t show up, you may lose potential renters to your competition. 

How to Setup a Facebook Business Account

First, you need to create your Facebook Business page. Unlike your personal profile, Facebook Business profiles are public and can be liked by anyone. In order to create a business page, the user must have a personal profile. 

  1. Sign in to your personal Facebook account
  2. Click Create in the top menu bar and select Page from the dropdown list
  3. Choose Get Started on the Business/Brand page type
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to create the page

After you have entered all of the basic information, you may add a profile picture and cover photo. The profile picture should be your logo or an icon that represents your brand. Your cover photo should reflect your branding and can be replaced seasonally. On your new Facebook Business page, fill in the blank spaces with information about your company. Your new page also includes an about section, photos, services, and many other fields that should be completed. 

After creating your page, begin inviting friends to like the page and encourage them to share the page with their networks. 

Access Analytics

Having a Facebook Business account grants companies access to valuable insights through Facebook Analytics. Understanding how to grow your business is paramount and Facebook Analytics provides cost-effective and efficient methods to help you make informed decisions. Facebook Analytics helps you harness the wealth of data available in the tool including location and the interests of the people interacting with your posts, helping you determine your true audience. 

Your self storage business can use Facebook Analytics to view customer behavior across different digital channels, giving you the ability to learn about and optimize their full customer journey. Analyze how online interactions measure against in-store leases and offline conversions. Data from Facebook Analytics can be used to create targeted advertising based on user habits and past activities. 

Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Take the time to optimize your Facebook page and then start a Facebook Ad account. This can be done in the FB Business Manager dashboard. Creating a Facebook Ad account allows your company to promote your services through social advertising that appears throughout the networking site. After setting up an Ad account, a user can enter the account ID and purchase new advertisements. Your Facebook Ad account can be managed by multiple users who share and create content for your company. 

Facebook Ads offers highly targeted campaigns allowing marketers to advertise to specific demographics by interest, location, and life events. Creating a target audience helps self storage companies deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. The targeting functionality Facebook offers is one of the biggest draws for businesses.

Show Up Where Your Customers Spend Their Time

Your self storage company should be using Facebook for business to capture new leads where they spend their time online. Facebook Analytics and Facebook Ads offer deep insights into your true audience and help you create targeted ad campaigns to reach highly qualified prospects. Take advantage of the valuable data available via Facebook Analytics and drive more conversions on your website when you have a business page on the social media giant. Apart from marketing data, Facebook also allows you to interact directly with customers, building trust and creating advocates for your brand. 

Interested in getting social? Download G5’s Intro to Social Media Channels One Sheet.