Over the years, you’ve been warned about the hazards of duplicate content on your website. In Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines, ‘duplicate content’ isn’t mentioned once; however, what is mentioned is ‘copied content’. 

“Important: The Lowest rating is appropriate if all or almost all of the MC (main content) on the page is copied with little or no time, effort, expertise, manual curation, or added value for users. Such pages should be rated Lowest, even if the page assigns credit for the content to another source.” – Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, July 2018

In order to achieve the highest Google quality score, your website should include custom copywriting, regardless of the intent of duplicate or copied content. Google treats duplicate content and copied content different, due to the intent. Hobo, a U.K.-based SEO services company, offers a complete guide to understanding duplicate and copied content

For real estate businesses with multiple locations across a city, state, region, or country, writing custom copy for all of your websites can seem daunting – especially when you have similar services and amenities at each location. While using duplicated content may be tempting, it’s not optimal for the set-up of pages and user experience. Copied content may lead to penalties from Google, resulting in low quality scores and possible filtering in SERPs. 

Prioritizing High-Quality Copy

Duplicate content is often filtered out of Google search results, which increases the necessity for high-quality, unique content on each of your websites. Using boilerplate copy and simply filling in the blanks also leads to low quality scores. Trying to make your content unique by using synonyms and related words, may be counterproductive, according to Google’s John Mueller. 

Tips for Writing Custom Website Copy

Create SEO-Friendly Content – Each page on your website should focus on a specific keyword phrase, determined by in-depth keyword research. Choosing the right keywords to optimize your pages for will be helpful in creating high-quality content and planning your content marketing strategy. 

Avoid Keyword Stuffing – In the past, marketers would stuff as many keywords as possible into a page in order to rank high in Google SERPs. Google very clearly doesn’t approve of this practice. Investing in custom copywriting ensures you have high-quality, unique content that includes an appropriate amount of keyword phrase mentions. There is no perfect keyword density, rather placement and prominence should be highly considered. 

Write Naturally and Succinctly – Quality copywriting reads naturally but is written succinctly and is SEO-optimized. You don’t want your website copy to sound robotic with too many keyword phrases plugged in throughout. The amount of text doesn’t matter as much as reflecting the expertise, authority, and truthfulness of the page. Copy should satisfy user search intentions. 

Hire a Copywriter to Achieve High Google Quality Scores

Third-Party Writers Stay Up on Trends – Working with a third-party to write your website copy saves you time and ensures your copy meets the latest trends in content marketing. Professional copywriters, such as those at G5 Studio, spend time learning about Google’s recent changes and updates, working with the SEO team to implement the latest keyword research and keeping up on the latest content strategies. 

Copywriters Write in Your Brand Voice – From high-end, boutique multifamily apartments to family-owned self storage facilities, copywriters are diverse and write in your specific brand voice. Pulling from a talented team of writers, hiring a third-party can help establish your brand voice or adhere to what you have already established in order to create content that speaks to your customers in your voice. 

Avoid Spelling and Grammar Mistakes – Even the biggest brands make mistakes, but by hiring a third-party to write your website copy provides better protection against typos and easily preventable errors.

Hiring a third-party or internally writing your own custom copy for your websites bodes well for real estate marketers with multiple locations in Google search results. Using duplicate content across your websites with no ill intention won’t hurt you as much as using copied content, but in order to avoid penalties and achieve the highest Google quality scores, apply custom copywriting across all of your websites. 

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