The design of your website should focus on user experience in order to capture customers’ attention and drive more conversions. But that doesn’t mean you have to redesign your entire website in order to draw in new renters. Simple tactics can be applied throughout the design of your site to refresh and optimize it for maximum lead conversions. According to Interface Engineering Inc., people cannot find the information they seek on a website 60 percent of the time. This statistic speaks to the importance and urgency of having a website with a great user experience designed to inform and attract new renters.

Have a Clear Value Proposition

In order to build a conversion-focused website, it’s important to determine your unique value proposition. What distinguishes you from your competitors? What gives you an edge? Being able to articulate your value proposition to website visitors and throughout your marketing strategy will help optimize your conversion efforts across the board. Prospects want to know what makes your company unique and why they should lease from you.

Maximize Space Above the Fold

We recently wrote about website visual hierarchy, which takes into consideration the way the human eye perceives what it sees. Certain parts of your website hold more importance than others and visual hierarchy helps them gain more attention. What lays above the fold on a website holds the most importance and the biggest conversion potential. Here, all of the elements of visual hierarchy come into focus – colors, size, layout, spacing, and style. You don’t want to make your users search to find important information and the space above the fold – the area you see immediately on a screen – provides the best opportunity to gain user attention and provide answers to their queries.

Place CTAs Above the Fold

Increase clickthrough rates by moving your calls-to-action above the fold. When a user arrives at your website, make it easy for them to contact your company and reach out regarding availability by placing buttons and CTAs there. Using contrasting colors for your CTAs also helps improve conversion rates. Test different button colors to determine which pops better against the background of your website. You can also test the language used on your buttons to determine what garners more conversions, for example, testing “Learn More” vs “Lease Now” may provide insight into what words work best for converting traffic on your website.

Remove Automatic Sliders

What once was a staple of website design has gone the way of starbursts and automatically playing music. Image slideshows not only drag down the speed of a website, they also don’t allow users to explore a website at their own pace. Usability experts suggest removing these bulky sliders as they reduce conversions. Try using one static image that represents your brand and speaks to your unique value proposition.

Implement Clear Headlines

Headlines are one of the most noticeable elements on a website. They can boost your website conversions by finding the right language that speaks to a user. Sometimes updating your headlines with one word can lead to increased conversions. Make your headlines clear and ensure that they clearly describe your offerings and their benefits. Headlines and the copy on your website can easily be tested to find the best conversion rates.

Use Relevant Images

Use images on your website that push visitors toward the conversion goal. Images, especially above the fold, instantly draw the eye and break up the monotony of text. Having images that align with your conversion goals can boost rentals at your properties. Use real images of your properties and the neighborhoods that surround them to display what users can actually expect to see when visiting or renting from one of your locations. Stock photos may be good quality, but don’t necessarily speak to the truth of your properties. Try using photos of real people on your website instead of stock photos to encourage engagement and relatability with your brand.  

Improve Usability

In order to convert traffic into renters, your website needs to provide users with a great experience highlighted by simple usability. Your website should have a well-designed template that uses an easy to read typeface. Your navigation and layout should be intuitive and allow users to flow towards the goal of conversion. It goes without saying that your website should be responsive for all devices in order to provide the best experience. Make sure your website is scannable – copywriting plays a large role in SEO and attracting visitors to your website but once there people typically don’t read every word. A clear and simple user interface encourages visitors to click on CTAs and makes them fall in love with your community and your website.

Optimize Your Website to Improve Conversion Rates

A website designed to improve conversion rates can help your business connect with the right people at the right time with the right message. Your website should have the most important elements above the fold in order to immediately connect with visitors and encourage them to use visible calls to action. Whether building starting from the ground up or refreshing your current website to drive more conversions, A/B testing can be a helpful method for determining the most effective elements that convert visitors into quality leads. Ensure your website design focuses on user experience and utilizes elements to gain user attention.  

Your website is only one of the major touchpoints users interact with before making a buying decision. Make sure you show up at every step along their journey by reading G5’s latest eBook, 20 Digital Touchpoints.