There are two truths that set senior living apart from other real estate industries. The first is that the research and decision-making process involves both the prospective resident and their loved ones, usually adult children, who will not be living at the property themselves. The second is that, while it is a highly sensitive and emotional lifestyle change, the entire decision-making process usually starts later, sometimes much later, than when the need for senior living comes into play. What do these truths mean for you and your marketing team? Transparency, value-add content, and establishing your community as an area expert in senior care are essential. Each of these factors rely on, and can be optimized by, an amplified digital marketing strategy.

Own Organic Search with the Right SEO Strategy

Senior living searchers are not just looking for generic content that could be written by anyone, anywhere. They are looking for specific answers to their personalized, history-dependent questions. Do ground-floor units have a full kitchen? Can I bring my own queen-size bed? Can I select a’la carte assisted living services? Is medication assistance required for all residents, or can I opt out? Ask yourself — do your online platforms offer the right information to your ideal persona? If not, this is your chance to be the expert searchers need and expect.

Trust that your ideal persona knows exactly what they are looking for in a senior living community. Give them transparent tools to see why your community is right for them. Don’t make the mistake of thinking prospects will call you or stop by at the beginning of their research process. Most of this will be done online, and they’ll come to you when they are close to or ready to sign. They are completing the majority of research and decision-making process online, via organic search. These organic searches make-up approximately 50 percent of online senior living traffic.

The only way to show up in organic searches is to have an optimized website and social media presence with a data-driven SEO strategy. You may be exactly what a prospect is looking for, but they won’t find you unless your content knows where and when to show up in searches. Make sure your keyword research is up-to-date so that your SEO works on your behalf whenever a prospective resident does an organic search. Get to know your audience better with data-driven insights, predictive analysis, and reputation management. These insights work best with an adaptable process and search strategy, so that you can target the right audience at the right time.

Creating Content that Attracts your Ideal Persona

  • Be strategic with your content. All of your online content needs to serve a purpose and work towards attracting your ideal persona, driving traffic to your sales funnel, and leading towards move-ins.
  • Would you live at your community? What sets your floor plans apart? What are the most attractive community amenities, staff expertise, and services? If you’re the best at something in your region, don’t be shy — showcase your “best-of” attributes on your website and social accounts.
  • Put your online platform, including website and social media channels, to work. Use this platform to introduce your community to seniors and their loved ones. Consider your website as important as the first face-to-face meeting you have with a prospective resident. This is your chance to make an impactful first impression. Make it count with impressive photos, testimonials, videos of staff and residents, and transparent, easy-to-find content.

Get G5, Get Results

G5 amplifies the impact of senior living marketers. Your future customers are spending time in various channels. Your brand needs exposure in all of these channels to get noticed. G5 drives brand exposure through on- and off-page SEO, Digital Advertising, Listing directories, and, vital in today’s review-driven world, Reputation and Social. Your prospects are experiencing your brand on a mobile device just as frequently as a desktop, if not more. Our in-house team of designers, writers, and SEO strategists will deliver a website that’s beautifully branded, mobile-friendly, and high-performing — converting your visitors into leads.

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