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Create brand exposure and take control of your customer journey.

Your future customers are spending time in multiple channels. The G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud will ensure that your brand meets them wherever they are.

SEO + DA + Listings
Create brand exposure.

Your future customers are spending time in various channels. Your brand needs exposure in all these channels to get noticed. G5 drives brand exposure through on- and off-page SEO, Digital Advertising, Listing directories, and (vital in today’s review-driven world) .

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Digital Advertising

Reach your best prospects.

With mobile device screens taken over by ads, your audience is having to scroll to find you. Staying competitive requires staying seen. We’ll shape the best digital advertising strategy for your brand and continuously optimize it with all the tools in our toolbox, including search ads, display ads, remarketing, and social ads.

Start driving stronger lead generation today.

Rep & Social

Capture the conversations.

Your customers can be brand ambassadors, marketing on your behalf—or just the opposite. Tune into all of these online conversations (ideal for multiple properties) on a single dashboard, and show your online communities that you’re engaged, responsive, and worth those 5-star ratings.

Mobile & Web

Engage and convert.

Your prospects are experiencing your brand on a mobile device just as frequently as a desktop, if not more. Our in-house team of designers, writers and SEO strategists will deliver a website that’s beautifully branded, mobile-friendly, and high-performing— converting your visitors into leads.

Get ahead of negative reviews before they cast a shadow on your reputation.

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Optimize what's working.

This is no time for guessing. That’s why we’ve developed attribution technology that adds dimension to your Google Ads data—beyond just traffic, to which specific campaigns and keywords drove that traffic. With these insights, our digital strategists can optimize your advertising with precision and confidence.

Understand your customer journey today.

Intelligent Lead Scoring helps you prioritize your sales efforts.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the G5 Intelligent Marketing Cloud can even distinguish leads from non-leads and rank them in order of their propensity to lease—so your sales team will never see a hot lead grow cold again.

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