Smart senior living communities are using sentiment analysis to filter through the noise of feedback on review sites and on social media. This gives them insight into the customer experience and helps them improve brand equity by identifying areas in need of improvement. G5 Rep & Social uses a tool called Pulse to assign a sentiment class to customer reviews, surveys, and social text, which helps multi-location brands spend less time organizing, reading, and analyzing hundreds or thousands of reviews each month. 

Going Beyond Star Ratings

When reading and analyzing reviews for your communities, do you look beyond the star rating to find exactly what your residents and their families are talking about? Finding success stories, measuring the value of campaigns, and filtering through the noise to discover true insights can be daunting for senior living marketers. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms can help by uncovering customer insights at scale.

Sentimental analysis and natural language processing analyze the text from your customers including reviews and social conversations to monitor how people feel about your business, what they’re talking about, and how they describe those subjects. It assigns a positive, negative, or neutral class to the text. 

The Pulse tool displays results in an interactive sunburst, which allows you to refer back to the reviews to get the full story. Charts on the summary page show you how sentiment has changed over time and homes in on the points in time where there was a significant change in sentiment or review volume. Through the tool, you can view Store Comparison reports seeing how each location or group fares in the eyes on the consumer.

Improving Brand Equity

When your brand has multiple locations across the country and faces hundreds of reviews each month, pulling the sentiment out of every piece of content may seem impossible. Using the Pulse tab in G5 Rep and Social helps you decipher common themes across key elements of your business and make necessary changes to improve overall brand equity. Sentiment analysis through Pulse helps our clients in a variety of ways, including:

  • Identify repeat issues
  • Identify location-based issues
  • Validate new product or service success
  • Discover new business opportunities
  • Improve the customer experience

The sentiment explorer sunburst helps users dive deeper into a category, topic, and attribute sentiment. Delve into large topics and then dig deeper into specific data that help you turn feedback into actionable insights. These insights help your brand make confident business decisions that can add to the quality of the customer experience at every location.

Spending less time every month filtering through customer feedback allows you to identify and fix the issues affecting your brand. Through sentiment analysis, you may discover issues with your staff, products, or services at specific locations or throughout the company at large. Identifying common themes in customer feedback and making efforts to alleviate these issues shows your customers you’re listening and that you care. You may also discover new business opportunities through customer feedback leading to new revenue streams.

Make Confident Business Decisions with Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis uses AI and machine learning algorithms to uncover customer insights at scale, allowing your brand to make confident business decisions. By analyzing the text of customer reviews and conversations you can decipher how people feel about your brand and discover actionable insights that lead to improved brand equity. Positive brand equity helps increase sales and revenue for the company, leading to higher market share as you become more widely known, recognized, and preferred by consumers.

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